Introduction: Efficient AFK Carrots, Potatos and Wheat Farm [800 Items/min] (1.8)

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That's an efficient AFK farm using 1.8 mechanics

Step 1: Getting Started

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First of all you'll need some wet farmland and an output

Step 2: Cover the Farmland

Picture of Cover the Farmland

Next you need cover the farmland with slabs like in the photo

Step 3: Adding Redstone

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Now you only need put redstone like in the image and be sure the comparator has the torch on, also you need some bonemeal at the dispensers

Step 4: Farm!

Picture of Farm!

Now you're good to go only activate the lever and hold right clic on the farmland, when you're done clic again the lever


seamster (author)2014-12-17

Cool, thanks for sharing this!

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