Efficient Joule Thief Power Supply





Introduction: Efficient Joule Thief Power Supply

Hey everyone, getting busy with your DIY projects? If your projects are LED based, you will require a power supply that is quite efficient and make sure the circuit consumes low power. A joule thief can be a solution. Only problem, its quite hard to build, especially for beginners. No worries! In this instructable, I shall teach you how to build an easy and powerful joule thief.

Step 1: Get the Parts

You will need:


2N3904 or a BC547 NPN silicon transistor

Magnet wires

1k ohm resistor


Toroid (optional)

Soldering iron (optional)

Solderless breadboard (optional)

Step 2: A Word Before You Begin

The original design includes a toroid as the power booster. The hardest part is to wind the wire around the toroid. So, i shall show an alternative to the toroid which is easier to use, modify and gives efficient output compared to the toroid model (as noticed by me)

Step 3: The Circuit

Plrase refer the image. Here, the toroid is replaced by a transformer, which is actually a small inductor.

Step 4: Winding the Inductor

Take a magnet wire and simply wind about 10 turns around it. Thats all! Now, connect the parts as described in the circuit.

Step 5: Testing

The device works great with an old 1.5v aa battery. Good luck!

If you feel the project is good, Please give me a vote. Thanks. See you soon with another instructable.



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    Could you give a description of the inductor you used? Something to narrow the search. Thank you.

    You can use almost any small inductor. The inductor you find in a CFL circuit should work fine.