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Introduction: Egg Art by Carole

In addition to my other interpretations of Faberge this is the Lily of the Valley, which seems to be almost everybody's favorite. These are goose eggs, adorned with Sculpey 3 hand sculpted leaves which I baked onto the pearlized pink painted shells; I also added a hint of golden yellow as a top coat before sealing all of the paint. There are three sizes of no hole pearls each attached to three sizes of crystals rondells. The stems are gold bullion, and the opening is a 3/4" x 1 1/5" slice at the exact center top of the egg, which was primed with Paynes' Gray acrylic paint and then glittered with ultra fine hologram glitter. The glitter was sealed, and the crown was applied to serve as a lifting mechanism. Two brass tubes, one inside the other comprise the mechanism. The outer tube is epoxied in place and is shorter than the inner brass tube; the inner brass tube is inserted into the outer brass tube, a silk lining was applied to the inside of the egg and the edges were trimmed with narrow ivory and gold braid. The miniature photo frames are attached with epoxy to the inside of the top only
(which is also silk lined); epoxy is NOT applied to the brass tubes, so that when you lift the crown, you simply turn the inner tube sideways, and the photo frames display any four photos that you choose to add. The photos need to be slightly larger than the size of a dime. This is also among my favorite of all of the interpretations that I have done. It is also probably the easiest, though time consuming, other than the Pansy Egg. I thoroughly enjoy recreating the Faberge eggs in real egg shells. I "fell in love with Peter Carl Faberge' works" when I was in the fourth grade, and I have had the opportunity to see most of the originals that have been displayed in the United States over my life time. I hope that you enjoy my interpretation of this beautiful small to normal sized goose egg design.



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    Beautiful work! I wish I had half as much artistic talent as you. How long did this egg take to complete, please?

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    I have made this egg many times, and I typically work on multiple eggs at one time to allow glues to set up, etc. When I have taught this egg in classes, it takes two days of 8-12 hour classes, and that does not include the pre class work that people have to do or pay me to do for them that takes anywhere from 4 to 6 hours.

    I love your artwork, but cannot seem to navigate this website. Please know that I would love to vote for your designs, but have been stymied when it comes to voting or rating. DiAnn

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    DiAnn, Thank you for trying; the voting process actually ended a few days ago, but I think the Admin may be reading the comments, so Thank you for you complimentary input. You are not the only person who has had difficulty trying to rate as well, but Thanks for writing and letting me know. I do appreciate your input. Carole B.

    This is another of my favorite Faberge's, and your attention to detail is remarkable. Great interpretation. This site says I can vote more than once so I am definitely voting for this one of yours too. Do you sell your work? If you do, would you please send an e-mail address so that I can talk to you about purchases? Thank you.

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    Dear DJSaxton, Thank you for yet another lovely compliment to my work, and thank you for the vote. I do commissioned art work these days for private clients; I will review the Instructables site and policy for contacting you via e-mail. Thanks again....Carole B.

    Thank you very much. I always enjoy showing my egg art and I love sharing my "how to" knowledge. Very soon I shall be adding instructions for the Instructables also. Thanks again, Carole