Picture of Egg Carton Penguin Arts and Crafts Project for Kids
From egg cartons, paint, and paper you can make this adorable penguin craft with your kids.
How to Make an Egg Carton Penguin Craft Project for Kids
You will Need:
egg carton
black, orange, and white craft paint
black and orange construction paper
2 googly eyes
basic craft supplies like; paint brush, scissors, glue
optional: 2 small pompoms and 1 pipe cleaner for ear muffs

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Step 1:

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Here are the supplies you will need to make the egg carton penguin craft.

Step 2:

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Cut off two cups from an egg carton. Cut off one individual cup. Cut out a triangle from the orange paper for the beak, and two wings from the black paper.

Step 3:

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Paint the single egg carton cup orange.

Step 4:

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The two egg cups together are going to be the face and belly. Paint the face and belly of the penguin white.

Then paint the rest of the egg carton cups black, as shown.

Step 5:

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After the paint is dry, glue the egg carton pieces together with the orange piece on the bottom to use as the penguin's feet or base.

Step 6:

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Glue te wings and beak onto the penguin. Glue goggly eyes onto the face above the beak.

Your adorable egg carton penguin is finished!

Step 7:

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Optional: Earmuffs - Cut a small piece of pipe cleaner to fit over the penguins head. Glue the pipe cleaner and two small fuzzy  pompoms to create earmuffs for your penguin craft.

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