Picture of Egg Cream
Quick and easy way to make a New York Egg Cream and bring a little bit of Brooklyn home! 

The iconic New York egg cream is a drink that is considered wildly difficult to bottle. Over time the seltzer loses it's fizz becoming flat and separates from the milk, which is neither refreshing or appetizing. Consequently, egg creams are usually only found in fountain shops, delis, and old drug stores.....until now. For the East Coasters looking to take a sip down memory lane, or the rest of the world looking to dive into a delicious and refreshing drink this Instructable is for you. 

Sweet chocolate, cold milk, and full of bubbles, the egg cream has me hooked! Follow these easy steps and you just might be too.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
You'll need the following:
  • Whole Milk*
  • Seltzer Water
  • Chocolate Syrup**
  • Cold and Frosty Glass (8oz)
  • Spoon
*NOTE: Whole milk will froth and foam better than skim, 1% or 2%.

**NOTE: Traditionally, Fox's U-Bet Chocolate Syrup was used (and still is!) to create the Egg Cream. Other chocolate syrups can be substituted. While creating this Instructable, I tried both Santa Cruz Organic Chocolate Syrup and the recommended Fox's. The Santa Cruz brand was thick and harder to mix without loosing too much of the milky foam an egg cream is known for. The Santa Cruz flavor in the finished egg cream was also lacking in comparison to the Fox's. 

Step 2: Get Frosty

Picture of Get Frosty
This might be the simplest step, but it will vastly improve your finished egg cream. Place your glass in the freezer for a minimum of 3 minutes and up to several hours. You can do this while gathering your other ingredients. The chilled glass will keep your drink cooler and crisper longer. 

Step 3: Time for Chocolate

Picture of Time for Chocolate
If you have not already done so, remove your glass from the freezer.

Add 1 inch of chocolate syrup to the bottom of your chilled glass.  
glamonica1 year ago
you forgot to add an egg white to the milk and chocolate syrup (or malt or both) and dry shake (shake without ice) as the first step. no offense but by definition, an egg cream has egg

no there really is no eggs in a traditional egg cream, it got named that way because the way it froths up, looks like beaten egg whites - found on the food network show "Good eats" Alton Brown did a whole episode on drinks :)

kelleymarie (author)  glamonica1 year ago

Hi Glamonica! That's interesting, I'll have to try it. From what I've read, traditional New York Egg Creams are not made with real eggs, or I guess I should say are no longer. It's thought that eggs and real cream may have once been involved but are not anymore--maybe to save money on the coast of eggs and cream?

Here are some websites and articles I've gleaned that information from:

Edible Brooklyn


Egg Cream Wiki

Hope that helps! I'll try out your version to compare.

Thanks for the links. Ill definitely check them out. Honestly my recipe is just how mom used to make it and my girlfriend (who never knew my mom) makes it. I'm sitting in Williamsburg Brooklyn right now if that makes it more authentic ;)

Definitely try it with the egg. There won't be much of a difference, it will just be slightly frothy and creamier.

And thank you for inspiring me and the little woman to make a variety of egg cream variations.
mevans371 year ago
Cool, sounds delish....I think i'll try it with cream...,,I LOVE RICH & CREAMY ANYTHING!!!
nascat1 year ago
Being born and raised in New Jersey we had Egg Creams in the Summer, so refreshing. Thank You for sharing, Mike
james.rasa1 year ago
so no eggs in it then? i could have sworn... lol
kelleymarie (author)  james.rasa1 year ago

Hey james.rasa! I would have thought so to given the name, but as it turns out, there are no eggs involved. There are numerous theories about where the name comes from--grade "A" milk which transpired from A to egg, or the French chocolat et crème (mispronounced "chocolate egg cream"). It is also thought that it could be because eggs were originally used in milkshakes, and what we now know of as the egg cream has since lost the egg and cream replacing them with milk and seltzer which were cheaper ingredients. I'm sure there are other reasons too but those are the ones I've found.

mhe, for the better, drinking raw eggs would give me the creeps :P thx for sharing

I write this while drinking the one i just made, and it is AWESOME. By the way, great instructable.

kelleymarie (author)  poisonhydra1 year ago

Thank you Poisonhydra! Glad you enjoyed it!

MOHD771 year ago
lol nice. ...