Step 3: The Build

When building it is important to do the following...

Work on top of the wax paper.
Glue toothpicks together.
Let toothpicks dry.
Protect egg at all costs!

Below are some ideas my students came up with.
Thanks Greg. Welcome to instructables. I want to see you create something to share with the world.
<p>I do not get why you make cubes, wouldn't piramides or &quot;pillars&quot;(=cilinders with wider top and botom than the middle) work better. I think they would as they channel the energy and force to the table skipping the egg. Could you explain this?</p>
<p>I alternate with my Physics 20 class; building one egg drop/crush using toothpicks first semester, then in second semester the next class uses Fettuccine pasta for the build. Ground rules for Fettuccine pasta give specific lengths that are allowed for the build. I don't usually need to 'police' that rule as students being so competitive make sure no group breaks the length rules.</p>
Sounds like a fun lab. What do they use to &quot;glue&quot; the fettuccine together? Bringing competition into the mix is a great idea. You should publish an ible on the lab. Thanks for the comment!
Low temp hot glue. Tried white glue but the time it takes to dry causes the pasta to soften as well. Students have also built bridges which are then hung with weights to test strength. Best one so far was a 27 cm long box-style bridge and held weights up to 1.6 kg.<br>Students are given a 'kit' containing pasta(300g), hot glue(15 sticks) and mini hot glue guns. Bridge building or stress vs. load concepts are discussed in the first half of period then they brainstorm for second half. At the end of that block they must present a finished diagram with measurements for approval. Next block (blocks are uniform at 90 min each) they build. Students are given an additional five periods to tweak their projects--the last 20 minutes of class. They may also do so after school or at lunch. If they require more supplies, they may trade amongst themselves but nothing comes in from the outside, this is well policed by students. All bridges are tested by adding weights hung from the centre of the bridge which itself is suspended between a stack of textbook, usually 20 cm off the bench surface. Weights are available throughout the project for testing. Egg drop is tested from the second floor into the rotunda area at the front of our school. As a courtesy to Facility, each competitor is given a green garbage bag to house the egg contraption.<br>Hadn't thought about making an 'ible. Short photos as our Board has massive paperwork if we want to photo students but I may have some with only the projects in them.
I noticed that u use the might cinders tri sided pencils.... those are my favorite!!!!
my 8th grade project was to make a bridge constructed of toothpick-length square sticks and then we hung weight-lifting weights from a rope under the bridges to see how much weight they would sustain. mine was the best design of its category and won first. then we placed all the categories into a contest and mine won either somewhere tween 2nd + 4th place. i love construction projects like this!!
Aww, eigth grade... <br><br>It makes me angry every time I think of it.
hahahaha same here <br>
I think I would probably build a cylinder by gluing the toothpicks together vertically to make a solid wall and then two flat panels on the top and bottom, to make a sort of egg in a wooden barrel. If the rules permitted it I think I would also glue the cylinder to the egg.
That's fantastic. When I was in school we did dropping eggs and making protectors. But this has so much more potential for mess!
I had an egg drop assignment in school too. <br><br>We had to make something to drop the egg into from the stairs. It was set up like a contest, the height the egg was dropped from was divided by the height of the egg drop container. <br><br>I made mine from a very shallow cardboard container filled with sand and I won! My egg only cracked because it was dropped and didn't land in the box. <br><br>Some other kid dropped his in a bowl of honey of honey but his container was much taller than mine. We were supposed to drop from incrementally higher steps but he skipped them all and went to the top and got lucky. The teacher gave us both extra credit but I still say mine was more legit :|
Pyramidal / tetrahedron looks better to me<sub>(in my imagination)</sub>.<br> <br> L
hard boil the egg to save a lot of mess.
That's no fun!
I love your greenhouse. Is that your property in the picture? I wish I had that much space for my garden!
:-) My front garden in the frame work pictures but the built pictures are on our 1 acre allotment patch.
Very nice! Liked it.. wish we had the same experiment at school when I was young :D

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