Introduction: Egg Cup 15-20min

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perfect easy to make breakfast meal.
good source of energy to start the day!

Step 1: Preparation

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-butter dough
-bell pepper
-ground black pepper
-cheese of your choice
-onion leaves
-glass ramekin
-baking pan
-wire rack
-cut the vegetables and herbs
-pan fry bacon til crispy
-set the oven to 250f
-press the dough into the ramekin almost to the edge
-sprinkle bacon inside the cup
-crack the egg inside
-sprinkle bell peppers, onion leaves, cheese, bacon

Step 2: Baking Time

Picture of Baking Time

-pour little amount of water in the baking pan
-put the ramekins
-put inside the oven
-wait for about 10-15min and check if egg is done
-add more cheese to melt
-season with salt and pepper

Step 3: Serve

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shake a little bit to loosen it and scoop out the egg cup using a knife and fork, then serve.


kart15 (author)2016-04-05


Lady Judy (author)2016-03-29

I do not like eggs. But when i see your food. I think i am starting to like eggs. Can you give me vote and like in Egg Contest 2016?? I hope i win that contest. Thank You if you vote and like my contest *-*

sfricke (author)2016-02-21

I would love to make this but what is butter dough?

Maxelllalala123 (author)sfricke2016-02-21

i use seamless dough in a can and i infuse and knead it with butter :)

MaddieJ3 (author)2016-02-18

Great brunch idea!

Maxelllalala123 (author)MaddieJ32016-02-21

thank you

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