Picture of Egg Head (or shoulder)
Egg on Shoulder.JPG

sunny side up eggs are really pretty. 

and really, nothing says "I'm looking suave" more than an egg or two on the side of your head. 

it makes people do a double take.

Step 1: Materials Materials Materials...

Picture of Materials Materials Materials...
Materials 2.JPG
Old Barettes.JPG
Hot Glue Gun.JPG

1) Scissors
2) White (light blue pictured) and orange or yellow thread
3) Marker
4) Needles
5) Pins
6) Fluff
7) Yellow cloth and white cloth (preferably not elastic)
8) Old barrettes or hair pins
9) Hot glue gun
10) Safety pins (optional)

Cool beans! I'm making one right now!
BetsyLouWho5 years ago
I made these out of felt and they turned out so cute. I'm trying to make a bacon design to go with them. :3

Thank you. :D
eee so cute! :D

better than having a chip on your shoulder (ohhhh) 
canida5 years ago
This is awesome. ;)
 I think you might need some bacon barrettes to go along with the egg!

How cute. :D 
Amzy5 years ago
love it!
Doctor What5 years ago
 Heheheh!   I love it!  Geeky crafting FTW!
Zibodiz5 years ago
This is one of the greatest ideas I've seen in a while -- makes for a good laugh! 
lemonie5 years ago
Nice, you can pretend to be a politician?

Zibodiz lemonie5 years ago
LOL!  best.  comment.  ever.