Picture of Egg In The Hole
How to make 'Egg In The Hole' or fried egg in bread.

You need

1. Bread.
2. Eggs,
3. Cookie-cutter (any shape!) or just a knife suitable to cut hole in bread.
4. Oil for frying (Olive oil).

Step 1: Make hole in bread.

Picture of Make hole in bread.
Take your cookie-cutter and cut a hole in the centre of a slice of bread. Kids can help with this part. Unusually-shaped cutters might be more fun.
kgirl55232 months ago
I call them moon struck eggs...
PeterZ4 made it!5 months ago
Also put bacon inside of it, not that hard
pete.amble9 months ago

The correct name is "One eye"!

landongaga2 years ago
my dad calls them hobo eggs. they have lots of names 4 them
marilandita3 years ago
great recipe, executed to perfection this weekend, my boyfriend was very happy with it and left nothing on the plate...here's the pic. The heart shape idea came from another toad-in-a-hole instructable.
weekend eggs.jpg
GoosyGoose3 years ago
I always called um a hole-in-the-wall. Think i heard it from my grandmother.
NonaSuymo3 years ago
My family has always called this "Eggs in a Basket"
I've never been an 'egg' person, but I do like this... thanks! :)
We call these eggs-bullseye. Pro-tip: Use cinnamon raisin bread. Even more delicious.
79spitfire3 years ago
We call these 'Toad in the Hole' at our house, YUM, now I'm hungry!
I've made this for Boy Scout trips. I make them the day before and refrigerate them and eat 'em on the road. Two is usually enough as a serving and great when paired with an easy portable veggie like baby carrots.
koehavael094 years ago
LOL in my family we always called this a birds eye. we slather butter on both sides and let both sides brown a little bit before putting the egg in the center. If you want something really awesome, make two of these let the yolks harden put some cheese on both of the eggy sides and slap em together for a birds eye grilled cheese.
we usually ate the center cut out b4 putting it in the pan though lol
daliad1004 years ago
Bacon is never optional...
skaar4 years ago
after a lifetime of making these, i found a way to make them, that gets past a few problems i noticed. i put the egg in the pan... sunny side up, toss a bread on, flip it, and put it back, the egg makes the bread nice and brown, and the white is much more even, and less likely to have a yolk break, if i'm in the mood for something runny.
I prefer the name "Eggy in a basket" like in V for Vendetta =]<br/><br/>I tried making it once, but screwed something up. I forget what though.<br/>
At my house, we call it "Birdie in a Nest."
We called it "skunk toast" dunno y.
My dad uses small buns, then takes out the middle parts until they are like small bread bowls. Then he cracks an egg into the centers and puts the whole kit and caboodle into a nice warm oven until the eggs are cooked. When they are finished, he takes them out and puts a slice of cheese on each one while it is still hot! Yummers!
sounds delicious
Nicole19704 years ago
My Dad used to make these for us when we let Mom sleep in. He called them
Toad in the Holes. Yum
jringling5 years ago
I just cooked 2 and ate them... delicious!
kkarn5 years ago
When I was a kid we called these toad in the hole. My dad was more likely to make us fried egg sandwiches (with a little horseradish) than these. My sister and I found a recipe for these in a kids cookbook. and demanded them every once in a while. That fried egg sammy was really good though.
Rathrider5 years ago
i love these(= havnt had one in a while tho maybe i will make one tomorrow
bigdukeydog5 years ago
 Nice job, I've never heard of it but how can you go wrong witheggs and bread?!
CookieLuver6 years ago
I saw this in Martha Stewart magazine but she used a heart shaped cookie-cutter foe valentine's day.
ajaf20056 years ago
Instead of a knife or a cookie cutter you could use a cup or glass in the same maner
muffin man6 years ago
ever since i watched v for vendetta i have wanted to know how to make this. ima try it today
haha. me too. im so amped to try this out
atropos6 years ago
I call this Egg Toast because I think that about sums it up. I've always used butter. I take a bit of butter and slick each side of the untoasted bread. Then I just stick it in the pan. I wasn't sure how well the cooking oil would work. Does it have to be Olive Oil? Will Canola Oil suffice? How much is put in? Is the amount of oil added prior to the bread? Thanks for this! I've been craving one of these lately and this sounds easier than buttering.
MrE6 years ago
Eggs in a nest in my house. Now I am hungry though.
awoodcarver6 years ago
Mom use to make these with stale bread and I now do so with my stale bread and the crusts ......for some reason my family calls these gas house eggs ....I see that others make them and have diffrent names for them ....good eats
This is always good, byt he way for a similar experience with a toasty maker butter bread and put egg inside the bread slices... I know this as eggy bread or some thing about sun
peguiono6 years ago
We always do this when we go camping we just rip the bread out of the middle though