Egg Mcmuffin

Picture of Egg Mcmuffin
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Step 1: Get the Ingredients

Picture of Get the Ingredients
English muffin
Bell pepper(any kind)
Italian herb Spices
Olive oil

Step 2: Fry the Egg

Picture of Fry the Egg
Cut a ring out of the bell pepper
Oil the pan and heat to high
Put the ring on the pan
Crack the egg in the ring
And wait to cook!

Step 3: Sprinkle the Spices

Picture of Sprinkle the Spices

Step 4: Place the Top!

Picture of Place the Top!
Put the top of the bell pepper on the ring to heat top part of egg

Step 5: Flip it Over!

Picture of Flip it Over!
Take of the top of the bell pepper and flip the egg!

Step 6: Take It Off The Heat!

Picture of Take It Off The Heat!

Step 7: Cook The Muffins!

Picture of Cook The Muffins!
Use oil the make it crispy!

Step 8: While It's Cooking....

Picture of While It's Cooking....
Sprinkle some cheese on the egg!

Step 9: Once Crispy...

Picture of Once Crispy...
Take the muffins out of the pan

Step 10: Put Them Together!

Picture of Put Them Together!
13, 5:44 PM.jpg

Step 11: And Enjoy!

Picture of And Enjoy!
13, 5:44 PM.jpg
myrrhmaid5 months ago
Don't forget the mustard! Yum!
Grunambulax5 months ago
Great recipe. Actually better than an egg mcmuffin. But I've never seen one like this.

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