Egg Prank





Introduction: Egg Prank

In this Instructable, I will teach you a funny and rather mean prank. Try it on your friends and family! If you like it, please vote for it. ;)

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

In this Instructable, all you need is:
-an egg
-a door

Step 2: Pull the Prank

Tell your victim that you are going to do a magic trick on them and tell them to put their thumb and index finger through the crack on the side of the door opposite the door knob (the crack that usually has 2 hinges). Assure your victim that you are not going to smash their fingers in the door. Place the egg between their fingers and tell them to not let go.

Step 3: Leave

If you know the person very well, then you can leave for about 3 minutes (at most). Come back and say "April Fools!!" if they hadn't already given up and let the egg drop and break. You can now take the egg out of their fingers and hope that they aren't burning mad. Have fun with this prank! ;D



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    It was an awesome prank my mom and dad got so mad

    you could also tell someone to put their index fingers on the edge of a table and put a full glass of water on top of their fingers

    Just saying, you can slowly lower the egg in your fingers until you reach the lower hinge, and then pass it on to your other hand under the hinge and then lay the egg on the ground safely...:)

    Couldn't you just slide it down to the floor and open the door slowly to get it?

    you could just throw it in the air and run on the other side to catch it =)

    realy? thats impossible!

    only a ninja could do that with two fingers on the egg

    Use a boiled egg but dont tell the person you are pranking;D