Picture of Egg Prank
In this Instructable, I will teach you a funny and rather mean prank. Try it on your friends and family! If you like it, please vote for it. ;)

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

Picture of Gather Your Materials
In this Instructable, all you need is:
-an egg
-a door

Step 2: Pull The Prank

Picture of Pull The Prank
Tell your victim that you are going to do a magic trick on them and tell them to put their thumb and index finger through the crack on the side of the door opposite the door knob (the crack that usually has 2 hinges). Assure your victim that you are not going to smash their fingers in the door. Place the egg between their fingers and tell them to not let go.

Step 3: Leave

Picture of Leave
If you know the person very well, then you can leave for about 3 minutes (at most). Come back and say "April Fools!!" if they hadn't already given up and let the egg drop and break. You can now take the egg out of their fingers and hope that they aren't burning mad. Have fun with this prank! ;D
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DariusA17 months ago

Couldn't you just slide it down to the floor and open the door slowly to get it?

coolrobot6 years ago
you could just throw it in the air and run on the other side to catch it =)
3100785 coolrobot10 months ago

realy? thats impossible!

only a ninja could do that with two fingers on the egg
or get to the other side to catch it.
DIYWEAPONS10 months ago

Use a boiled egg but dont tell the person you are pranking;D

Finest_Potato10 months ago
Doesnt seem that good

I think it's a pretty awesome prank

Epicfall21 year ago

I dont get it

most of my rooms are carpet so i dont wanna clean up :(

So then the egg doesn't break 'cause it's carpet

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

One thing you've got to remember is that they dropped it, so technically, they have to clean it up

By the way, great prank!

use the good old vinegar and bicarb!
soften the mess with vinegar and wipe up any loose bits.
sprinkle bicarb over the mess and add a little vinegar to make a paste
Let it foam, and work the paste into the mess.
Prevent the mess from sticking to the carpet by mixing the mess occasionally
Allow to dry and vacuum the dry mess up.
remove excess waste with your own way!
smeagle5 years ago
Sorry to burst your bubble, but this was copied from a book. The book "101 practical jokes" has this prank in it.
but i like the actual instructable!
By Glen Singleton! I have that book somewhere
RaniaMomo3 years ago
lol, i left my bro 30 mins and he didn't drop it ! what a good bro loool
gayle19493 years ago
Oops I meant 3 minutes. They would be really mad after 30 minutes!!!
gayle19493 years ago
You could boil the egg so that it doesn't really make a mess if they drop it. They wouldn't know it was boiled but when you showed them after they held it 30 minutes that would make them even madder!! teehee
this is sooo funny! i did it to my sister!
Epic WIn! I have a mate who is a a trumpeter, and I made him put both hands through the door and hold his $2000 Shilke Trumpet. I came back a few minutes latter and he was really pissed, but he wasn't going to drop his Trumpet!
Duuuuuuude. I play the trumpet... I would hate whoever did that to me.
But I admit, that would be funny.
How the  heck did he fit two hands between the door and the wall? The hinges would need to be impractically big.
And? :P
she cried, so I set her free then she ran and told my mom... so I put the egg in her bed. when she sat down.........
Details deatails we need details
If I did it to my sister, I would have an eggy floor.
Sasza4 years ago
I did this to my dad a few years ago and he was so mad, it was pretty hilarious. But he stayed there because I did it where the egg would fall in his room if he dropped it.
I tried this on my sister and after about 30 seconds, she dropped it. I made her clean it up. :)
natalie00314 years ago
lol. this is in the breakfast category!
CookieLuver6 years ago
I tried this on my brother and he dropped it immeadiatly and i had to clean it up
Looks like the joke was on you. :P
Tobita neonix4 years ago
Yolk was**
Izokay6 years ago
What if they just open the door?
Shadow Dragon (author)  Izokay6 years ago
They can't. Their fingers are in the crack with hinges...
They could just move the egg downwards and then drop it.
that's true
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