Egg Shell Gardening Pot





Introduction: Egg Shell Gardening Pot

This is an easy but messy project!

Be prepared to get your hands dirty!

Today I planted tomatoes:)

Step 1: Getting the Materials

You will need:

a plastic container with a lid

4 eggs or more or less

egg carton


and seeds

Step 2: Getting Started

start by cracking the eggs just at the top

and peeling it off to about half way

then pour out the contents into the plastic container

Do the same for all the others

Step 3: Filling

Take the soil and gently put it in the egg shells

then dig a small hole in the soil and plant your seeds

You're done you can also paint it if you'd like!



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    this is great, I love the idea

    I have heard of this but never tried it. When the plant is big enough, you plant them in the ground. Are the tiny little roots strong enough to break through the shell? Or do you have to break the shell when you plant it?

    You should break the shell but it will be easy since the water will make the shell softer

    Thanks. I think I will use this to start my garden this year. Time to eat some eggs.