Egg Shell Kaleidoscope




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Introduction: Egg Shell Kaleidoscope

How to make a functional eggshell kaleidoscope.

Step 1:

Materials Needed:
surface mirror
PVC pipe
clear acrylic jewel holder
eyepiece lens
gold finding

Step 2:

Cut a hole at the fat end of the egg to fit the size of your acrylic gem holder. Then cut off the bottom of the egg to fit the eye piece.
Cut the pipe to fit the length of the egg when it is attached to the gem holder.
Cut the mirrors to fit the length of the pipe.
Glue acrylic gem holder and PVC pipe together and glue finding and acrylic lens together.
Tape surface glass together in a triangle. Then insert them in the PVC pipe.

Step 3:

Glue the eye piece to the egg and decorate the shell to your style.
Put gems into the gem holder leaving enough space for them to tumble as you turn the kaleidoscope.
Insert the pipe assembly into the egg and glue in place.



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    I use a high speed drill (paragraphics tool) but you can use a dremel.

    Wow, I have to try this! It's difficult to believe that a dremel or similar tools don't break the egg's shell... by the way, awesome idea! I always wanted to do a kaleidoscope!

    I seal the egg and put a coat of glaze on it. Then I use an ordinary dremel with the smallest cut off blade that I get at the Golden Egg of Idaho. You can look at their website. I have cut many chicken eggs this way.

    The eggs that are posted are goose eggs and they are pretty strong. Any egg (duck, turkey) are great to used too. Just let me know if I can help you in any way.

    That's kalei-awesome!! I wish I had someone in my family as talented as you- these are so unique- great for gifts- for the loved ones that have "everything" ....

    1 reply

    LOL ;-) You are so sweet!

    Thank you so much!

    These are simply too cool! Good luck in the contest!

    Thank you so much!