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Introduction: Egg Toast

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in this instructables i will provide you with step by step instructions on how to cook up a delicious breakfast of eggs and toast. the twist is that they are cooked into one! i hope you enjoy

Step 1: Ingredients

you will need:

1. bread

2. 1 egg for every piece of bread

3. a cookie cutter or some kind of circular cutter

4. pan

Step 2: Bread Prep

to begin get the bread and cookie cutter/lid and cut out a circle. you can use any kind of shapes to make it fun.

Step 3: Toasting

once you have prepared the bread turn the stove on to medium high heat and place some butter or oil down. next toss the bread down , immediately after place one egg in each hole.

Step 4: Flipping

you can tell the bottom of the egg is done when the egg is cloudy, this is when you flip it.

Step 5: Left Overs

if you don't want to waste the bread that was cut out you can make a "bagel"

Step 6: Conclusion

over all i would recommend making this because it was pretty good. i hope you enjoyed and if you did remember to like comment and if you aren't already subscribe. i would like to eventually reach 100 subscribers so please share this with your friends thanks and bye.



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    love eggs in a basket, but sometimes I make French toast this way and put bacon, cheese, and what every into the egg.

    This is a cool twist to the classic "eggs and toast" breakfast. Nice!

    My grandma used to call this kick in the eye

    I like that name and thanks for reading my instructable

    eggies in a basket .. one of my go to dishes when cooking breakfast for my kids

    You can never go wrong with eggs and toast. Making me hungry now.