Easter Bunny! Tooth fairy! Santa Claus! I would love to be a kid again, wouldn't you?
Bring back the magic and send someone you know on an Egg-cellent Easter Egg Hunt!

Since this Easter treasure hunt is for adults or older children, we can't just lay eggs in the yard and expect the same excitement and anticipation we felt as children. This Egg-cellent hunt includes riddles and puzzles sure to bring that twinkle back into anyone's eye.

Step 1: Supplies

18 Plastic Easter Eggs
My Clue Map & Clues
A willing egg hunter
<p>I did an egg hunt along this theme last Easter and it went excellently (I used a lot of my own clues). One thing I found, to make it more difficult, was to hide the egg carton in the fridge egg <em>inside</em> an eggshell. I took a blown egg that I'd punched too large of a hole in and widened it to put the coloured egg just inside. My friend checked the fridge probably 6 times before actually pushing the eggs to see if they were all real </p>
needed a quick hunt; i try to do this on my own most times but for something quick this helps. btw, in your cryptogram, the very last number should be a &quot;2&quot;
If the clues were in the form of riddle, puzzles or rebuses, it would be even more interesting.
My Girlfriend and I did something VERY similar for her 10year old son. Huge fun for him and almost as amusing for us watching.
Great idea. Hunting eggs used to be one of my favorite activities, but my enjoyment slowly waned. Way to resurrect an awesome activity.

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