Introduction: Egg-cellent Adult Easter Egg Treasure Hunt

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Easter Bunny! Tooth fairy! Santa Claus! I would love to be a kid again, wouldn't you?
Bring back the magic and send someone you know on an Egg-cellent Easter Egg Hunt!

Since this Easter treasure hunt is for adults or older children, we can't just lay eggs in the yard and expect the same excitement and anticipation we felt as children. This Egg-cellent hunt includes riddles and puzzles sure to bring that twinkle back into anyone's eye.

Step 1: Supplies

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18 Plastic Easter Eggs
My Clue Map & Clues
A willing egg hunter

Step 2: Print Clues & Clue Map

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 There are a total of 18 clues and a clue map,  the last clue leads to the treasure.
Clue Map for egg hider:
Shoe basket/closet
Under a tree trunk
Washing machine
Under the car
Behind the TV
In the backyard
Under the Scale
Tissue Box
Under the sink
Under the table
Under couch cushion
Under a pillow
In the microwave
Chick coop/egg carton
Computer Keyboard        
Shower/Tub < this is where you hid your treasure
You’re looking for your Easter treat,
But there’s something you must do.
Inspect the place you dress your feet,
and hunt for your next clue.
A tree has a tall one, that grows and grows. So does an elephant, instead of a nose.
ahibcddiefghngiinjtkhlmnewoaspqhrinsgmtacuhviwxnyez – the alphabet = clue
Jump for glee when you find #3, in the car it will be.
Boob tube, idiot box, eye, and telly
are names for this machine.
Office, News, and Idols
on it are weekly seen.

To the back yard we go, lets all look alive as we find #5
4 + 4 = ? Make a rhyme with the answer and go to where you check your  __________.
The next Easter egg will be found with ease,
If you get a sudden urge to sneeze.
If water drops it will make a clink, you will find your next clue under the __________.
What has four legs, but can’t walk?

    30   27       4                     14       20    
_ _ _ _ E   _ _ X _   _ _ _ _   I _   _ _ D _ _
10 12 5   19 27   2 27 20 14   30 16 5 27   4 23   5 2 28 27 19
T _ _   _ _ U _ _   _ _ S _ _ O _ .              
14 8 27   30 12 5 30 8   30 5 23 8 4 12 23                

What is higher with a head, than without it?

Unscramble: I’m dinhgi in the crowiaevm in the nithkec.
You put stuff in this every day and never take anything out of it.
You use this box every day, except on Sunday.
Where do you find me: << this is a picture of a real egg in images
Find something which has keys but opens no locks,
with space but no room, and allows you to enter but not to go in?

When you're feeling less than fresh
there's just one place to go.
To wash and get all squeaky clean
and scrub between each toe.

Step 3: Fill Eggs

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Cut out clues, making sure to keep them in order. Fill Easter eggs with clues and number them 1-18.

Step 4: Hide Clues

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Hide your clue starting with the second egg, so that they lead to the next spot on your clue map. Then hid your treasure at the end. (In the tub/shower!)

It's a good idea to send yourself on the hunt first to make sure you've have all your eggs in order.

Step 5: Gone Hunting

Picture of Gone Hunting

Give the first egg to your treasure hunter and tag along to watch the fun!



Frederbee (author)2016-02-19

I did an egg hunt along this theme last Easter and it went excellently (I used a lot of my own clues). One thing I found, to make it more difficult, was to hide the egg carton in the fridge egg inside an eggshell. I took a blown egg that I'd punched too large of a hole in and widened it to put the coloured egg just inside. My friend checked the fridge probably 6 times before actually pushing the eggs to see if they were all real

JackA98 (author)Frederbee2017-04-11

Can you provide any of the clues you use for a bit of variety?


invitediva (author)2012-04-12

needed a quick hunt; i try to do this on my own most times but for something quick this helps. btw, in your cryptogram, the very last number should be a "2"

grannyjones (author)2012-04-12

If the clues were in the form of riddle, puzzles or rebuses, it would be even more interesting.

Dream Dragon (author)2012-04-10

My Girlfriend and I did something VERY similar for her 10year old son. Huge fun for him and almost as amusing for us watching.

wilgubeast (author)2012-04-09

Great idea. Hunting eggs used to be one of my favorite activities, but my enjoyment slowly waned. Way to resurrect an awesome activity.

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