These egg holders are proving very popular on our website (www.cadeauxdelaforge.fr), and as Easter is just around the corner I thought I would put instructions for making them on here. 

They look great with a small chocolate egg in and wrapped in cellophane and make a more useful and lasting Easter present than a chocolate egg on its own!

You will need:

A scroll saw with appropriate blade for the wood you are using
Piece of hardwood approx. 2cm thick
Pattern (see Step 1)
Masking tape
Glue stick
Clear tape
Pillar drill
Forstner bit, or spade bit, or hole saw - size 35 - 40mm
Dremel router (not essential)
Oil to finish

If you are an experienced scroll sawer this could well seem like teaching my Grandma to suck the eggs that go in the egg holders, but I am hoping it could also inspire some folk who are new to the hobby.

Step 1:

You will need a simple animal outline to use as your pattern.  You could draw your own, or use an picture from a child's colouring book.  

The picture will need to be large enough for you to draw a circle inside that corresponds to the size of your drill bit.

Cut the picture out, leaving a small margin around the edges, except for the lower edge.
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This is adorable!! Great instructable!
So glad people like these. Please let me know if you make any. :)
This is sooo awesome, I love Egg Cups! Such a good idea.
Very cute rabbit design :)
I like these egg holders a lot.............................................. Nice and clear instructable.
Thank you Gareth. This was my first instructible and I tried to make it clear without being patronising. :)

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