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Hey fellow Makers, and welcome to my first Instructable! Have you ever seen an egg in a bottle and wondered HOW it got in there? Well, your in the right place! This cool and fun project is easy to do right in your kitchen, and draws many amazed eyes! This Instructable is here to show you EXACTLY how that's done! Enjoy!

Step 1: Things You Will Need:

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1. A Glass Bottle (Mouth of the bottle needs to be smaller than a regular egg.)

2. An Egg (Brown or white will work.)

3. Butter

4. White Distilled Vinegar

5. A small Drinking Glass

6. A Lighter

7. Small piece of Paper or Cardboard

Hint: Any one of these items can be found at a local super center.

Step 2: Beginning

Take your Vinegar, and pour in into the drinking glass. There needs to be enough Vinegar in the cup to cover all of the egg, and not make it overflow after you drop the egg in.

Hint: The amount of sediment in the Vinegar from the egg will increase the longer you have the egg in.

Step 3: Placing the Egg

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Once you have the Vinegar in the cup, go ahead and carefully place the egg into the Vinegar, being careful not to drop it in.

Step 4: Waiting...

Picture of Waiting...

After a few hours, this is what it should look like. The egg's outer shell should be starting to dissolve, and bubbles and sediment should start to rise to the top. Now, let it sit over night. Be patient, the eggs not going anywhere! :)

Step 5: Removing the Egg

Picture of Removing the Egg

Now that the egg has had time to sit over night, the outer shell should be nice and dissolved so that the egg is squishy and soft. Carefully pour out the Vinegar, holding the egg from falling out of the cup. Gently rinse the egg in cool water, and rub off all of the remaining sediment off the egg. Then set it to dry off for a few minutes.

Step 6: Butter Time!

Picture of Butter Time!

Set the bottle on a hard surface, and rub plenty of butter on the mouth of it. This step is going to help the egg go into the bottle.

Step 7: Final Step!

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Now that the egg is mostly dry, take your lighter, and light the piece of cardboard. Then, quickly throw it down into the bottle, and set the egg on the mouth of the jar as quickly as you can. DON'T TRY TO FORCE THE EGG IN YOURSELF! If you force it in yourself, you could end up damaging the outer membrane of the egg, and ruining the entire project! The egg will pop in itself without any effort from you. Its quite fun to watch!

And there you have it! An egg in a Bottle!!!Now just screw the lid on the Bottle (if you have one) and your done!

Now you can impress your friends and family, and have the satisfaction of successfully putting an egg in a glass Bottle!

I hope you all enjoyed this Instructable, as much as i did making it!

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Enjoy, and happy Making!


gravityisweak (author)2017-02-16

How does the egg taste after all that vinegar?

jelte1234 (author)gravityisweak2017-09-07

It should basically be pickled.
Not my taste, but edible.

AaronA71 (author)gravityisweak2017-02-17

I'm honestly not sure, but i wouldn't recommend trying it xD

Yonatan24 (author)2017-02-26

I think I saw this experiment when I was in first grade.

Nice Eggstructable!

AaronA71 (author)Yonatan242017-02-26

Thank you! Glad you like it :-)

Swansong (author)2017-02-16

This is a fun trick to use in science classes :)

AaronA71 (author)Swansong2017-02-16

Yes it would be. Use hard boiled eggs for a much quicker project! Glad you like it :)

random_builder (author)2017-02-16

This is pretty cool! You can use hard-boiled eggs with the shells off.

AaronA71 (author)random_builder2017-02-16

Yes! Hard boiled eggs would work great! Glad you liked it :)

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