Egg Man Robot





Introduction: Egg Man Robot

I saw a coke can robot and thought it would be fun to make one from some lighting "cans"

There isn't a great deal of instruction it's just a fun project I made as a display piece for the Restore where I
do some volunteer work, I tried to keep the cost just above free, about 50 cents to be exact.

I did braze the two halves togeather, but JB weld or other epoxy glue could be substituted quite easily.

Step 1: Makin the Body

I used two track lighting can lights stripped the sockets and brackets from them,
cut the ends off with a grinder, and brazed them togeather.
I used a little silver paint after sanding to make them pretty.

The arms are held on with a scrap of 1/4" all thread, the tape is a shim to keep the
shower hose arms on,
larger all thread holds the legs in place, I think it was 5/16"
The legs are made from rebar allignment brackets.

Step 2: Pretty Easy Stuff.

I used shower hose for the arms, egg beaters are the hands, and the rest is obvious.

The spatulas I got from Spatula City, and the head light was from the junk bin, his hair
is steel wool painted red.

Rubber washers next to his body and leg to keep them from rotating.

Have fun I did, the whole thing took about two hours including drying time.



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    I like it a lot

    Hi longwinters

    Very cool your little kitchen helper;-)))))))

    Thanks Junopor, I stuck him in crafts and feel like he has been lost in the shuffel,
    I built him as a quick project to show the people that come through the "Restore"
    that we have all kinds of goodies for cheep that can be used on crafts type projects.

    Looks like you and my wife are the only two people who like him, well and me,
    how could you not love your own baby?