Picture of Eggless Pasta Dough Recipe
Want to make fresh pasta dough but those pesky eggs are always getting in the way?

Well, you could always leave them out...

Here, I'll show you...
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Step 1:

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Serves 1-2 (depending on appetite and occasion)
Prep Time: 15 mins (plus around 1 hour of refrigeration)
Cooking Time: 2-3 mins

- 50g (heaped 1/3 cup) "00" flour
- 50g (scant 1/3 cup) coarse semolina
- a pinch of salt
- ½ Tbsp olive oil
- 3-3½ Tbsp water

- replace "00" flour with plain / pasta / all-purpose flour
- replace coarse semolina with more "00" flour

Step 2: To Start...

Picture of To Start...

Measure out the flour, semolina and salt into a large mixing bowl and then give a quick stir with your hand to combine.

Alternatively, you can do this directly on the counter-top - like I'm doing.

Step 3: Next...

Picture of Next...

Create a well in the middle using your fingers.

Pour in the olive oil and water.

Gradually mix the flour into the centre until a mass of dough appears and the fork is becoming difficult to use.

Look out for any potential gaps in the flour wall!  If this happens then just push some more flour in front - spillage crisis averted! 

You don't need to worry about this if you're using a bowl though.

Step 4: Now it's time to ditch the fork and get your hands dirty...

Picture of Now it's time to ditch the fork and get your hands dirty...
There'll probably be some excess flour. Work in the flour until most (if not all) of it has been incorporated into the dough.

To do this:

- pull back the dough
- push away using the palm of your hand
- turn 90° and repeat

Step 5: Kneading the dough...

Picture of Kneading the dough...
Knead the dough using the same technique as before:

- Pull back
- Push away using the palm of you hand
- Turn 90 degrees and repeat

However, by this point the dough won't bend back quite as far without over-stretching, which leads to the dough tearing.

To avoid this, only pull back the dough towards the centre as opposed to doubling it over.

Work the dough for up to 10 minutes until smooth and elastic. It should bounce back at the gentle press of a finger.
Never can find the semolina at the store. End up using all AP flour Will try again looking for it tonight.
I'm really hope you find some. Good luck! =D
Finally found some, but it was almost six dollars for a small package. Going to try somewhere else.
I know most people don't thnk of this one 1st off, but try Ebay
I always look there when I need ingredients that I either can't find locally. or I look on Ebay and usually ( not always) find it cheaper + sometimes free shipping
Yikes - that's bad.

It's dirt cheap here in London. I only pay £1.29 for a 1.5kg (53oz.) bag.

Shame :(
You made a macaroni pasta! Which is any pasta that does not include egg.

I looked all over and couldn't find a recipe online and when I tried to make it on my own it turned into a ball of rubber. : (

Just a suggestion, you may want to put "macaroni" in the title or under the related words to help others find your great recipe.
"You made a macaroni pasta! Which is any pasta that does not include egg. "

I always thought that trenette was eggless pasta. Learn something new everyday. I have seen macaroni made with eggs on several italian cooking shows on PBS..
You may need to let the dough rest and then no rubber.
You're right. I didn't let it rest. I am sure that caused a lot of the rubber issues.
Hey - thanks for your comment! I really appreciate it.

Cool - I had no idea. I've toyed around with making some pasta shapes, like cavatelli, but never macaroni.

Thanks for the keyword tip too! =D

I have to say, that is a beautiful ball of dough :)
Thank you! :)
Thank you! *blush*

Lextone2 years ago
oooh....yum...gotta try this one. Thanks
You're welcome. Thank you! =D