Eggnog Recipe

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Eggnog is a delicious traditional holiday drink, best made fresh and served immediately!  This recipe makes a fabulously rich, tasty fresh eggnog you can whip up in minutes. 

Not an Eggnog fan?  Making it fresh will change your mind.   Commercial versions have almost ruined its reputation - they're all pasteurized (cooked), too sweet, and full of artificial thickening agents.  Yuck.  Do it right, and learn why people liked eggnog in the first place!  Here are testimonials from newly-reformed anti-eggnoggers:
"I thought eggnog was gross, but this stuff rocks!" - scoochmaroo
"Wow.  Can I have some more?" - rachel

This is eggnog in its pure form - fresh eggs, cream, and a bit of sugar and seasoning.  It's excellent as-is, but can be spiked with rum, brandy, or bourbon to ward off the winter chill.  I prefer the non-alcoholic version, as it allows the subtle flavors to really shine.

  • Don't substitute low-fat dairy - this is a holiday extravagance, so live it up.  Serve in small glasses if you're  worried about the calories, and go for an extra jog. 
  • Yes, we're using raw eggs.  If you want to be paranoid, wash the shells before cracking the eggs; there's only a 1:20,000 chance of salmonella inside the egg.  But you probably still shouldn't drink raw eggnog if you're immunocompromised.  If you've ever eaten raw cookie dough, quit worrying and try the eggnog!

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Step 1: Tools and ingredients

Picture of Tools and ingredients
6 eggs at room temperature, separated
3/4 cup sugar (for the yolks)
6 Tablespoons sugar (for the whites)
1/2 teaspoon vanilla (use the good stuff, and/or make your own)
fresh grated nutmeg
3 cups whipping cream, chilled
2 cups whole milk
1 cup brandy or rum
1 1/3 cups bourbon

large bowl (~ gallon-sized)
wire whisk
Microplane grater/zester
mixer (hand or stand type - just so long as it's motorized!)

small punch cups, margarita glasses, teacups, wine glasses, or other fancy-looking festive vessels

For single-serving size (one egg), divide everything else by 6.  That means:
1 egg
2 Tablespoons sugar (for the yolk)
1 Tablespoon sugar (for the white)
a drop of vanilla
1/2 cup heavy cream
1/3 cup milk

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smack.ego.zen3 months ago

I used brown sugar instead of white, and it didn't come out clumpy. Is this because of the sugar, or because it's my first try?

canida (author)  smack.ego.zen2 months ago

The brown sugar. It has molasses in it, which changes up the chemistry a bit and makes it much harder to whip the whites. If using brown sugar, you could whip some of the cream too/instead.

Davidstrength3 months ago

Looks similar to our old Family Recipe.. Except we whip the Cream also.. If you have any left overs - Freeze as it make an interesting Ice Cream

canida (author)  Davidstrength2 months ago

That is a great idea! If only we ever had any leftovers. :)

Kershaw3 months ago
This will be the 4th year I've used this recipe. Getting the whites to whip up is always the hard part. I've read it's best not to use a plastic bowle. I prefer mine with a little spice rum.
canida (author)  Kershaw2 months ago

4th year? Wow, fantastic! So glad I could add to your holiday traditions.

JoshuaP2 made it!2 months ago

I changed it up a little, but it turned out wonderfully. I reduced the heavy cream by one cup (because I only had a pint) and added 200mL of white rum. I substituted cinnamon for the nutmeg (allergic). Finally, I used powdered sugar instead of crystalline sugar in the egg whites to help it maintain stiffness. Best eggnog I've ever made.

canida (author)  JoshuaP22 months ago


Angela2423 months ago

When i made it everybody in my house loved it!!!!!!!!

SanA43 months ago

I think I used raw eggs smoothies for breakfast and I'm alive. I think I am. If not, who is writing this? I had a writer friend who had chickens who laid eggs and wow what a great thing it was to taste fresh egg, lightly scrambled. Yum.

Good recipe, tasty nogg! I couldn't get the egg whites to whip near as fluffy as the pics show...maybe it's the Oklahoma climate. :)

We don't do rum in our nogg....I added extra vanilla and some cinnamon, and really woke up the flavor. Even my wife prefers the "doctored" version, and she normally doesn't like cinnamon.

JTapp094 months ago
it tastes amazing
SIRJAMES093 years ago
WOW! looks argument there...
a while back I made some eggnog...but I sure do not remember using egg whites, or heavy creme...

not saying this is bad, just different. :)

Then again, I made mine in a was more like what you find in the store but without all the extra governmental garbage (no preservatives, no fillers/thickeners, etc).

TY for sharing!! :)
canida (author)  SIRJAMES094 months ago

You're welcome! How did this turn out for you?

SIRJAMES09 canida4 months ago
Absolutely deeeeelish!!!!!!!!

I make this about 2 or 3 times a month, more if I begin craving it(which I often do).

TY Mademoiselle.
canida (author)  SIRJAMES094 months ago

Excellent! And as you have discovered, potentially dangerous. :D

tjfoley5 months ago

I have consumed Raw eggs, Raw milk, Unwashed fresh fruits (From my own garden) and I am still alive at 63 (at least I think so)! :) Also there are recipes on the web for cooked egg nog!

canida (author)  tjfoley4 months ago

I think the cooked eggnog tastes quite different, and strongly prefer the fresh. What are your preferences?

canida (author)  tjfoley4 months ago

I think the cooked eggnog tastes quite different, and strongly prefer the fresh. What are your preferences?

learnelite1 year ago
Followed your recipe more or less and it came out fantastic. I skipped the whites though, tastes like what you get from the store only a lot better
canida (author)  learnelite4 months ago

Excellent, glad you liked it! Now you can make fantastic eggnog any time. :)

mnmama1 year ago
Good recipe for a crowd. I'm sure you're on all the holiday party lists with this one! I make my own with a Braun hand blender: 2 eggs, cream, real vanilla, Splenda to cut back on carbs and fresh nutmeg. Whip the egg whites, whip the cream, cream the Splenda and vanilla into the yolks and fold it all together. Top with a fresh scraping of nutmeg and sit down to a mug of heaven, sometimes with a bit of dark rum. Yum.
Also, I can buy eggs pasturized in the shell at my grocer now, so I can share it with everyone without worrying about salmonella or any other nasty bugs. YAY!
Maybe that was in one or more of your almost 200 comments, but I love fresh eggnog and it's soooo easy with a hand blender! Cheers!
canida (author)  mnmama4 months ago

Excellent! And yes, we make entirely too much eggnog during the holiday party season, it's a big hit.

THANKS FOR SHARING!! I just made the single serve, but i changed it up a bit. i used what i had but i substituted milk for the heavy cream, and i didnt wisk the whites until it was not a stiff fluffy like you did but a more liquidy fluffy. I then put some nutmeg, Ginger, and Cinnamon in it and wisked it for 15 seconds. it turned out alright and tastes fantastic!!
canida (author)  sokamiwohali4 months ago

Sounds a bit lighter, but still good!

Great Recipe. Thanks for sharing.
canida (author)  TheLodgeShop4 months ago

You're welcome!

Chikara5 years ago
 offtopic: i hear you can get a high from nutmeg...
on topic: I own 3 hens... do you think their eggs would be okay for this nogg? or do you think I should go down to the market and get some of those eggs...
Must try the nutmeg with a side of eggnog
USE your own eggs!!!!!
You can't actually get high, but if you eat too much nutmeg you'll have hallucinations right before you die from poisoning
 so... nutmeg is poisonous?
Yes, so are cinnamon, sage, bay leaves and cyanide.
...'cept love.
Everything is poisonous.
your hens eggs will be a lot fresher if anything.  I don't know why not.  And yes, nutmeg in very large doses is a halucinagen, and possible abortion aid.  look on wikipedia. I have heard that farm fresh eggs don't cook the same way, and need to be aged.  I have never had a not from store egg though.
Farm fresh eggs absolutely cook differently than store bought eggs, but that is what makes them superior.  I've been told by a friend who works in the egg industry that the typical egg is FOUR weeks old by the time it reaches the grocery store shelf, so that definitely affects how it cooks. 

Generally when you crack a store bought egg into a frying pan for a fried egg, the white runs quickly and spreads in a thin layer, while the yolk flattens out.  With a fresh egg, it lands in the pan in a discrete blob of egg white around a nice bulging yolk, and stays that way even after it's flipped. 

When we had chickens, my mom started making angel food cake from scratch again, because the whites from the fresh eggs gave the cake the lightness and height she couldn't get from store bought eggs.  She also got much better results with meringue made from the fresh eggs. 

Farm fresh eggs usually have a different flavor (better, in my opinion) than store bought eggs.  This has more to do with the feed, but freshness is also a factor.  Our chickens were free range, and while we fed them a commercial feed with no artificial additives, they also ate a wide variety of plants, as well as bugs and worms.  This variety in their diet gave the eggs a more robust taste.  Think of the difference between store bought white bread and home made bread, and you'll have an idea what I mean.

Most people have never had the opportunity to have a farm fresh egg in our industrialized society, so they don't know what they're missing.  If you have a chance to get some farm fresh eggs, maybe on a drive in the country when you pass a "fresh eggs for sale" sign, give them a try!  You might find yourself hooked on fresh!
Thank you, not only for your cooking advice and recommendation of farm-fresh eggs, but for your spelling. You even nailed "discrete". Seems like a small thing, but when you spend as much time online as I do, good spelling is quite literally a sight for sore eyes and an aching brain!
The best eggs are straight from the chicken the older the eggs get the worse they get.  and getting your eggs from the store just dosent make sense when you have your own chickens.  its the same animal and you run a far lesser risk of getting sick when you control your feed and keep their roost clean. wash your eggs and your hands and have at it. 
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