Step 6: Serve

Picture of Serve
Ladle out the eggnog into your fancy cups, and top with a bit more freshly grated nutmeg.

If the eggnog has separated, give it a quick (gentle!) stir before serving.  Don't let the eggnog sit out too long - even if it does have alcohol, refrigerate to avoid spoilage.  I've never had this problem:  we always drink it so fast there's nothing left to worry about!  Thankfully it's fast to make more, because you'll never be able to drink the commercial stuff again.

Happy Holidays, and enjoy your eggnog!

sbrooker3 years ago
Definitely going to make this tomorrow. Is there no allspice in this? I thought allspice was in eggnog.

Anyways, now that I know that I can have eggnog at any point in the year, and I am therefore no longer a slave to the grocery store market, I AM TEN TIMES HAPPIER~
Thank you for this recipe, I just made it and it turned out delicious. Also, it was the first time ever that I've tried eggnog and I loved it :D
kevlarkev4 years ago
Wow! I've only had store bought eggnog once in my life and that was over 20 years ago. This recipe is amazing! Looks like we have a new holiday tradition to add. THANKS!
muberblob4 years ago
i got a little "high" after about 7 cups... too much nut meg... may never eat nutmeg again after that little affair
CodeKid10014 years ago
is that fungus amungus?

I accidently put in too much sugar, but its still really really good. It tastes a little too frothy though. Still good. Good job.

jebididas5 years ago
Very good recipe and directions.  Our egg white portion didn't come out nearly as chunky but overall it still tasted good.