Step 5: Put it all together

Divide the pasta among 4 plates and garnish each plate with one poached egg, a tbs of grated Parmesan, English muffin croutons & fresh chives. Drizzle the hollandaise sauce over each dish. Serve with toasted, buttered English muffins and extra Tabasco sauce on the side.  
Looks Great..Can't wait to try it!!
i am going to try this next sunday breakfast lunch or both
I saved this and posted it to my sisters fb wall. My sister is a great cook/chef who has studied at the American Culinary Institute and abroad, here is what she had to say &quot; &quot;This looks almost like deconstructed carbonara sauce! Looks delish! definitely not low fat!!&quot; and in a 2nd reply &quot;I keep looking at this.... i have already gained 20 lbs!!! everytime I think of it I gain 5.... there is something about the egg on top that makes me want to make this..&quot;<br><br> For some reason she can't wrap her mind around Chicago 5way spaghetti with chilli, perhaps it's all her Italian influences... LOL<br><br> Keep up the great work, and thank you for helping me derail my sisters diet ! ! !<br><br>
You sister's right, this is totally a riff on carbonara. And yes it packs a big calorie punch - a lot of butter goes into it (besides the ham and eggs...) It's not an every day meal, but it's a great treat-yourself meal.
ooops, maybe it was the culinary arts institute... one of those highly ranked cooking schools at any rate....
sounds yummy .. can't wait to try it.
Fantastic photos!
I am so making this tomorrow night. I would tonight, but I have chicken in a brine for tonight's dinner.
Yum! Great idea
That looks delicious!

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