Here are two adorable and funny costumes you can easily spin out of one project, Eggs and Bacon and Breakfast of Champions. Want to include your small-fry? I show you how to scale down the measurements for your dog or kiddo.
<p>Made my Dogs up as Eggs and Bacon thanks to your so easy to follow design!</p>
<p>PS They took third place in our cities halloween pet costume contest!</p>
I miss you on threadbanger! You were my favorite!
Aww, thanks Skim-2! I'm back making regular videos on Meg Allan Cole Crafts on YouTube and there are lots more exciting things in the DIY videos arena to come! Stay tuned! Thanks for watching:) xo, Meg
<a href="http://www.hmil.com.ua/" rel="nofollow">http://www.hmil.com.ua/</a>&nbsp;cool
that cute! I'll eat that dog! lol
These are adorable! I love matching costumes!

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