This is a project that you can do it using this instructable and make your spaces very beautiful.
These are some nests, eggs and birds that you can turn these on in the night and enjoy your dynamic space, they can rotate around themselves and make space more dynamic...

Step 1: What Do You Need?

In this project I used:
(* recommended)
* about 20 eggs (One egg-each nest)
* about 100m of wires
* about 40 LEDs (one or two LEDs-each nest)
* about 20 resistors (one resistor-each nest)
* dried pine leafs
wasted papers (four A4 papers-each big bird)
* about 20 small stones (one for each nest)
* invisible ribbons (used for hanging birds)
* an adapter with about 10A and 3/6V power (Adapter with low amperage are not good for very long wires).
some hard papers.
some kind of liquid glue
* a plastic container

You can use more or less to create you own in order to your space...

This is awesome! Love the overhead shot of the nests. So pretty!
I like your use of 3D space and light.

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