Eggs in a Window

Picture of Eggs in a Window

This is a very easy dish to make that has very few ingredients, and can be taken with you and eaten on your commute to work in the mornings. I used to make this for my son when he was a little boy over a decade and a half ago, and had forgotten about it until just recently when, as much as I hate to admit it, started missing him. He's flown out of the nest and has gone away to college to become an electrical engineer (or so he says now).

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Step 1: Ingredients...

Picture of Ingredients...

The ingredients are your basics:



Margarine, Butter or Vegetable Oil

Spices (Salt, Pepper, Garlic, your choice here)

You'll need a heat source, such as a stove, and a frying pan large enough to hold the slice of bread that you'll be using. A tight fitting lid helps the cooking time along, but is not necessary.

You will also need to cut or make a hole in the middle of your bread slice. A cookie cutter works great here, and you can make fun shapes with them. I have chosen to use a penguin shape for this instructable. If you don't have cookie cutters, just use a knife to cut a shape out of the center of your bread slice. This can be a circle, a square, a triangle, a heart, a star, a rhombus, a hexagon, a decagon... you get the idea.

My Dad called it “Egg in the Nest”. So that’s what I call it
when I make it for my kids.

I toast the bread first so that it can soak up more butter. The
hole is made with a cookie cutter or sippy cup. The cutout goes in the pan and
is fried with the rest until crispy. If we’re
in a hurry, I’ll flip it to make is easy over instead of covering it.

This is my kids favorite breakfast next to animal shaped pancakes.
My kids are both in college.

gogglecrab1 year ago

Haha, it seems this recipe is the "family secret" everyone knows about; Me and my family have always called them walleye's.

philclowes1 year ago

The US has this as 'Toad in the hole' but the *correct* (LOL) recipe is here..

Awelowynt1 year ago

Very nice!

My mother used to make the same recipe, but called it "toad in the hole." She also fried the leftover bread from the hole at the same time and then sprinkled that with a little cinnamon and sugar.

toad in the hole is rather different. you use sausages, and batter in a baking tray (2inches deep or so) pop it in the oven till its nice an crispy an the sausages are brown. That is Toad in the Hole...

Interesting. I've never had that before. I'll have to try it.

Its a English dish as far as I know, being a British expat its something I remember dearly.

We used to call these Popeye eggs.

Ha! Now I'm hungry! Tomorrow morning...

Tumunga1 year ago

HA! I remember these! My mom cooked them for us when we were kids. We called them "holy eggs". We used to cut the centers out with old Smucker's jelly glasses. My mom didn't hard cook the eggs, leaving the yolk runny. The leftover bread circles didn't get fed to the dog, they got fried up with the holy eggs, and we used them for sopping up the yolk.

Nice 'ible. My Dad called them 'Gas House Eggs' - Hadn't seen that one listed in the comments. :)

pscott21 year ago

Hey, I used to get "eggs in the hole", and now I am an electrical engineer.

Coincidence? I think NOT!


M0nkeyb0Y1 year ago

We've always called it "Egg in a Basket"

I fry the cut-out shape as well and serve it as a 'lid' - the kids love it

mckeephoto1 year ago
​I love these! When my wife had an evening event, this would be my go to for dinner w my boys. Of course, we ended up putting maple syrup on them.
We called them "elephant's eyes."
I never put the lid on , tho. Will have to give that a try next time I am in charge of dinner.
I made this for my wife on Valentines Day. I used a heart shaped cookie cutter :D
juiceman741 year ago
Fab. You just saved me calories of one Skice of bread, cause I used to make this delicate on in a bread presser. Thx.
NotAPot2PN1 year ago

In my younger years, this was called "Eggie in a Basket." Yours is prettier. Thanks. {Now I'm hungry. Sigh.}

ukionz1 year ago

Thank you for sharing. Those left over will be nice looking French toast.

skylane1 year ago

The penguin shape is great!

I just made some for Mom... she's 90... never had them before.

They went over great.

(Toad in a hole, Eggs in a nest, Soldier in a foxhole and other names I can't remember.)

ntaulbee1 year ago
I love these. Reminds me of my dad and being a little kid. We called them "toad in the hole" and "bullseyes."
malfestor1 year ago

I'm making this tomorrow morning for the kids. We just purchased "Peeps" chick and bunny cookie cutters. This will definitely be a fun surprise!

egamer251 year ago

Also Called Eggs in a basket (don't know why!) but Cracker Barrell makes this with a hole in the middle with the egg and they give you the toasty buttery center as well. YUM!

studleylee1 year ago

I proudly say that this is one of my life staple foods. I make them all the time and sometimes add melted cheese over the top.

On the east coast they are often called a "spit-In-the-eye". Usually just with a circle cutout. I use a water bottle cap. I like your designs much better. Great instructable, now I'm hungry :-)

AnnieMcD1 year ago
I used to do this for my girls & cook the cutout bread next to the eggy bread. We used to call it a "whole in one"but my friend calls it a toad in the hole - not my idea of that dish at all, but she's adamant! Love the idea of scrambling the egg before popping it in to cook, why didn't I ever think of that?! My daughter who hates egg whites may like that! Breakfast on Saturday morning is going to be fun. Thank you for revitalising a fun recipe idea.
mnmama1 year ago

Very cute. I used a biscuit cutter and toasted the round piece next to the egg toast, covering the pan to soft cook the egg, no turning necessary. Then we used the round toast to slurp up the runny yolk.

tbarrett61 year ago
we always cut a square window and placed the leftover square over the 'window' as a shutter. I love the animal cut outs, definitely doing this!

Don't hate to admit you miss your son !… We all miss our children when they grow up and leave to build their own nest.

Now you and I, and zillions of other parents, are just waiting to have grand children to make those fun recipes children love and that we find so comforting to please them with.

Thanks for posting and take care.

mfluharty21 year ago

i've heard eggs in a nest or eggs in a basket but this is a first,window. there yummy all three ways. we would butter and toast the cut out bread in the pan then serve it all if I didn't eat the toasted center piece before it made it to the table. Great instructable! makes me hungry for comfort food.

YoItzSpike1 year ago
ik it as "Egg in a nest" but ive never done it with a cookie cutter, i usually use a cup
SlavicFMJ1 year ago


I haven't done this with shapes before! How cute!