This style of bottle is decorated with clean, broken eggshells.  The shells create an amazing scaly texture that can be painted to make the bottle look ancient. 

Step 1: Supplies

You need:
Bottles or Jars with lids or corks that fit the opening
Eggs - crack, remove contents, wash shell, and remove the membrane "skin" from inside the shells
Mod-Podge or white glue
Acrylic craft paints
Paint brushes
Masking tape (optional)
Paper label

<p>I make Egg Liqueur 1 a year with 12 eggs I start saving thank you</p>
<p>I make Egg Liqueur 1 a year with 12 eggs I start saving thank you</p>
<p>What a great idea</p>
These are amazing! <br><br>How many eggs does it take? Sorry if this is a silly question. I hate eggs.
I did a similar bottle using torn bits of masking tape and shoe polish years ago. It could possibly be done that way.
This bottle took about 5 eggs. I probably could have done it with less but I had a number of shells ready to go and only selected the biggest pieces. If you're willing to use the smaller pieces, you can do it with less eggs.
Also great for a NMBC fan. you can make sally's masters jars to carry along with you :P<br>
Great idea for a craft day with my grand daughter, who is a Harry Potter fan
I hope you two enjoy making potion bottles. My daughters are big Harry Potter fans too!
same here
I detail my label-making process <a href="http://shecreatesstuff.blogspot.com/2011/04/aged-paper-labels-for-potion-bottles.html">here</a>. &nbsp;It has lots of applications, some which may become an Instructable. &nbsp;This process is based on a lot of experimentation and trial and error--lots and lots of error, actually. &nbsp;
Smashin' !!!!! (tee hee hee) Egg-cellent!
Cool. Does the bottle have texture (can you feel the eggshell pieces?) Great Project!
Yes, the eggshell does give it a texture. The paint smooths the edges and fills in the gaps but it's an interesting texture. When I tap it with my fingernail, it rings like something ceramic.
Me likey.

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