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Introduction: Eggshell Mini Succulent Garden

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I simply adore succulents and after I did my project "Succulent Wine Cork Magnets" I decided to do another.Being that the succulents I chose were mini, I kept in mind that I would probably be putting them in the some small container like eggshells. Yes, eggshells. If you’re looking for some repurposing ideas this would be the perfect idea for you.These easy, eco-friendly and look so cute.Bring some greenery into your life with these beautiful eggshell mini succulent garden which is also a perfect Easter decor.

Step 1:

You will need eggshells and egg box.

I painted some eggshells with light green color.

Step 2:

Fill the eggshell with soil. Plant succulents.

Step 3:

Fill the egg box with soil and plant some succulents. Add eggshell planter.



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    Wow. This certainly will make my room more home like. Will try it soon

    hi, I'm planning to do something similar. But I'm no good at choosing plants. Do you have references for plants to use ? thanks

    Look for mini succulents. They are perfect for mini garden.hens and chicks are great for this.or do a cutting from a larger plant.These are the saplings from my larger plant. When succulent grows it releases saplings and this is the way that plant is spreads,multiply . So you take them and plant it as a new plant.