Introduction: Egg'zio "An "Eggs'elent" Easter Egg"

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An Assassin's Creed Ezio themed egg.

Step 1: Materials

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-One White Egg
-Red And Brown Fabric Scraps
-One Toilet Paper Roll
-One White Pant Pocket
-Fabric Scissors
-Hot Glue Gun

Step 2:

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Inspiration and key point

Step 3: Hood

Picture of Hood

Cut of the not stitched edge of the pocket
and cut into the general shape shown below

Step 4: Collar Peice

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Hot Glue 2 Small rectangles of red and leftover pocket fabric together

Step 5: Paldren Part 1

Picture of Paldren Part 1

Cut a small trapezoid out of the toilet paper roll. Make Sure that one side is long and flat and one is short and goes into an angle.

Step 6:

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Glue the cardboard piece to the Brown Fabric scrap
Make sure to glue the short end of the cardboard.
cut the fabric in a small trapezoid 

Step 7: Belt

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Cut a Small Strip of red fabric and glue to the outside of the hood and collar
you can glue or tie

Step 8: Finished

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Step 9: Optional:Symbol

Picture of Optional:Symbol

cut a small piece of tinfoil into the shape of the symbol.


Haha, this is great!

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