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This is a knife i made using Basta's How to Build a Knife I made it as a project for History, cause i knew everyone else was just gonna do pyramids or mummies and all that boring crap. it has a false edge of course because my teacher didn't want me to bring a sharp knife to school, so after i get graded on it I'll take it home and sharpen it. this was my first attempt EVER at making something like this and if I'm honest i am actually quite pleased with myself. tell me what you think! oh and yes i do realize that this doesn't really count as an instructable. i hope to post some actual instructables in the future!
jvoutselas10 months ago
Please make instructions it's like a beginners how to knife Id love to make
jvoutselas10 months ago
Honestly this is the most badass thing I've ever seen I had the same project should of done that XD
You should put up some instructions
stewieIV1 year ago
I really love the knife, but were you allowed to bring weapons to school? I know it's educational so probably
Hitman2272 years ago
Very nice!
tinker2343 years ago
wow i like this i will make a rubber verison for a prop for hawollen
JaCkAsS$5 years ago
where did you find the desighn
skimmo5 years ago
crude but effective very nice
wow, this is the first knife i ever forged, identical actually. i just went with the flow too, i had no idea it was egyptian style.
yeah i have been making knives and knuckledusters and stuff like this for years i will make something like this, because i really like the design, looks pretty cool although mine will have a carbon steel blade, that i will polish to a mirror finish, then i will add a good solid twine handle and maby add some lead on the handle under the grip to balance things out, i am kind of a perfectionist when it comes to knife making, but after all i do enjoy forging stuff and playing with hot metal and oil! lol
nice work man that looks really cool can you make me an instructable on how to make one?
He said in the description where he learned how to
i am so going to make this!!!!
andi4566 years ago
Thats awesome.
Absolutely beautiful
That is hot nice work
luckyone6 years ago
you could use that as a history project on egyptians to lol
how did you secure the twine i am making a sickle knife and i want to use that as a handle
What is the historical aspect of the knife?
knifebringer (author)  Comicbookguy6 years ago
well an iron knife that was i think about 93% iron and 7% nickel was found in king Tutankhamen's mummy wrappings and at the time, such pure iron, and the fact that it was iron made it a great find.
is it a good wilderness knife
Basta6 years ago
That looks great! Very clean and simple design; things like that are my favorite. I'm glad you liked my instructable, and you did an awesome job on your project.
knifebringer (author)  Basta6 years ago
thanks a bunch man that means a lot coming from you.
did you make the handle by cutting some iron away then wraping a whole bunch of twin around it.
volquete6 years ago
great knife!
scafool6 years ago
It looks really good and you did a nice job. I think from looking at the pictures you used a normal flat bar of mild steel to make it. If you did you will be unable to harden it and it will be too soft to ever hold a good edge. (sorry) Your best use for it would be to frame it with a note about it being a copy of Tut's and why the one Tut had is so rare and historically important. Tut's iron knife is considered so precious the museum did not allow it to go on tour, but they let the gold and precious stones one go on tour. There were six small iron chisels found in Tut's tomb too.
antagonizer6 years ago
My compliments. You got the styling perfectly, but if you were looking for authenticity, you should have used copper, not iron. There's about 1000 years difference between the pyramids and the invention of iron.
knifebringer (author)  antagonizer6 years ago
actually i made it out of iron because we were studying the Assyrians and how they were a great fighting force due to tactics and iron weaponry. well i read up on it, and a knife with a similar shape to this one was found in the wrappings of king Tutankhamen's mummy, the knife as it turns out, was a gift from an Assyrian king. and thats where i got the idea to make it of iron lol.
Again, Tutankhamen's knife was bronze, not iron. It's still off by 150 years. Still, a great knife tho. Get an instructable up.
Nope, he is right, it was an iron dagger.
could have been a supply issue
Lftndbt6 years ago
WoW!! That looks great! Any chance that when you sharpen it, you could remove that synthetic wrap and add a natural sisal handle? Would look much more authentic. Great job!!
knifebringer (author)  Lftndbt6 years ago
yeah actually i had wanted a natural handle but i trusted my mom to buy the twine while i was at school and she bought synthetic :( it was too thick too and i had to pull it apart to get the right thickness lol
Eh!! Mums, what can you do? Can live with them, can't throw rocks at 'em!!
codester6 years ago
That is amazing! Please do an instructable on it.
knifebringer (author)  codester6 years ago
actually i'm about to make another knife right now. i'll do an instructable on it just for you lol.
xboxteen016 years ago
looks like a good throwing knife
knifebringer (author)  xboxteen016 years ago
actually i was thinking of making some smaller versions of this one just for throwing ;)