Egyptian Knife





Introduction: Egyptian Knife

This is a knife i made using Basta's How to Build a Knife I made it as a project for History, cause i knew everyone else was just gonna do pyramids or mummies and all that boring crap. it has a false edge of course because my teacher didn't want me to bring a sharp knife to school, so after i get graded on it I'll take it home and sharpen it. this was my first attempt EVER at making something like this and if I'm honest i am actually quite pleased with myself. tell me what you think! oh and yes i do realize that this doesn't really count as an instructable. i hope to post some actual instructables in the future!



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Please make instructions it's like a beginners how to knife Id love to make

Honestly this is the most badass thing I've ever seen I had the same project should of done that XD

I really love the knife, but were you allowed to bring weapons to school? I know it's educational so probably

wow i like this i will make a rubber verison for a prop for hawollen

where did you find the desighn

crude but effective very nice

wow, this is the first knife i ever forged, identical actually. i just went with the flow too, i had no idea it was egyptian style.

yeah i have been making knives and knuckledusters and stuff like this for years i will make something like this, because i really like the design, looks pretty cool although mine will have a carbon steel blade, that i will polish to a mirror finish, then i will add a good solid twine handle and maby add some lead on the handle under the grip to balance things out, i am kind of a perfectionist when it comes to knife making, but after all i do enjoy forging stuff and playing with hot metal and oil! lol

nice work man that looks really cool can you make me an instructable on how to make one?