I wanted to make something special for a friend for Christmas and she told me how much she liked the Egyptian Scarab beetle. So I searched the internet for a design that I thought would be colorful and represent the Egyptian period. Once I found the perfect picture, I downloaded it and printed it on an 8 X 11 sheet of paper.

Step 1: Egyptian Scarab Beetle Bag

I made 2 copies so that I could enlarge one of them and keep the other one as a visual aide as I worked on my scarab beetle. Then I cut the wings off next to the body and had 3 separate pieces to enlarge. Then I went back to the copier and enlarged them to a size that was big enough for me to get all of the colors and details in and really show how colorful it is. When I enlarged the sections, I used the black and white setting because I did not need the colors on the template.

<p>FYI: step #7 is blank. If I were the lucky friend-recipient of your bag and it is worn out in a couple years, I would ask you to pretty-please cut and transfer/sew this amazing work of art to another bag OR I would just need to frame it as is. :)</p>
<p>JudeSewsSpunk: Yes if for any reason, a section of this project should become damaged or worn, I am able to recreate that area and make it just as wonderful as it was the day she received. I do document my steps of each project. I maintain ample extra material for each section and I have the patterns that I made with the proper sizing in order to make this possible. I store them in a tub in my craft room just for these little mishaps. So far I have had to repair a memory quilt and a childs blanket due to destruction caused by a large hungry doberman. But I got both of them done and the recipients were very pleased. Thank you for your inquiry. </p>
<p>Yes I did not know how to delete step seven, as this was my first instuctables project and I was a bit nervous. But all of the steps are explained in the proper order. Step #7 was my error and I truly apologize for this. I hope it doe not confuse anyone. Thank you for bringing that to my attention. It did need an explanation.</p>
<p>gorgeous scarab!</p>
<p>wow! Great bag well done and nice instructions! Good job dakotama!</p>
<p>Thank you. </p>
<p>Hey this is beautiful.. dakotama95 this is such a nice bag and the instructions appear to be good!</p>
<p>Thank you for your comments. Glad you liked my project.</p>
<p>great instructions,easy to follow. love your work. Dakotama95</p>
<p>Thank you. Glad you liked it.</p>
<p>Thank You. I appreciate it.</p>
Outstanding design, and instructions. Well done!
<p>Thank you. I really enjoyed making this bag. Glad you enjoyed it.</p>

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