In this destructable, you will learn how to make a beautiful collar-style necklace with an egyptian feel. this piece takes at least 6 hours to make, but the time is easily broken into smaller pieces.

Step 1: Step 1!

The most important part! the planning stage.
you need to decide how big a collar you want, how long it will be, and how it will close.

due to a slight miscalculation, mine is a tight 14" without the ties. with the ties, it can fit many necks.

to make one that looks like mine, you will need ::
8mm Turquoise in 2 shades (i used Chinese Turquoise and dyed Howlite)
8mm Carnelian
6mm thick gold spacer beads
gold teardrop beads (size and shape to your liking. i chose mine to look like carved lotus buds)
gold memory wire
gold eyepins
10mm golden glass pearls
3mm faceted glass beads
4-5mm pale pink/blue glass pearls
6mm antiqued gold rounds - more about mine next step.
gemstone strand tassles (ones from upholstery trim will also work well. you can also use more tassles instead of the pale pearls i used for filler)
raw silk or ribbon for ties

tools ::
pliers - round and flat nose
wire cutters
nippers for the memory wire
hand file
lots and lots and lots of patience
note :: i am not giving quantities, as the amounts you need will vary depending on the size collar you make. mine has 30 vertical pieces, so i needed multiples of 30 of everything. you may need more, or less.
<p>lovely THANKYOu for sharing</p>
Thanks so much for this tutorial! I'm looking to make a variation of this for my cleopatra costume (I guess I like making things hard hence the variation :) ) and I'm curious how you measured for it. I'd like the fit to be fairly close to my neck, like this: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/368028600770262772/ or this would also be ok although it's a little less up on the neck: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/368028600770275207/. If you have any tips on this let me know.
<p>hey there! i just saw this comment, sorry for not responding earlier!</p><p>all i did to measure was use a fabric tape around my neck and use my fingers to hold the tape where i wanted the piece to end.</p><p>i hope you were able to figure your collar out!</p>
<p>Love this tutorial, but I can't seem to find any beads like the gold tear drop ones that have eye pins on both ends. Do you know what they're called? Also, what gauge and length memory wire did you wind up using? I notice there's lots of different kinds...</p>
<p>hey there! the teardrops i used are these right here, actually.</p><p><a href="https://www.etsy.com/listing/99148967/10pcs-22mmx13mm-14k-gold-plated-filigree" rel="nofollow">https://www.etsy.com/listing/99148967/10pcs-22mmx1...</a></p><p>searching for &quot;filigree teardrop connector&quot; will probably find you lots of similar options. and the memory wire i used is just what they sell at joann's, actually. i think it's about a 20g.</p><p>thanks for asking! have fun with your necklace-ing!</p>
i am a little bit confused with the wire <br> do we need to put the wire on both parts upper and lower of the necklace?? <br>
the memory wire?<br>i did both upper and lower, but you could do just the upper and use beading thread or beading wire on the lower instead.
the memory wire?<br>i did both upper and lower, but you could do just the upper and use beading thread or beading wire on the lower instead.
Wow ! Very cool... Must make one!<br/>Kirin
This is a lovely necklace! I have always wanted one of those ancient Egyptian collars that you see in museums. <br> <br>How does this drape? I'm thinking that the memory wire would make it a little too stiff for my tastes. Would using beading wire (i.e. Tiger Tail) work?
thank you! <br>the memory wire does make it pretty stiff, but that's what i wanted for this one. <br>using tigertail or monofilament/fishingline would give a nice, almost fabric-like drape to it, which would be lovely.
thanks! :D
Beautiful, well done!
thanks! :D
thank you!
Love the colors! very beautiful
thank you!
Gorgeous necklace! I love the egyptian colors of turquoise with gold.
thanks eek! :D
Stunning! neat instructions, beautiful necklace, great ible! I love it :)
thanks so much!
I have no idea why, but I just read this entire 'ible in Michael Caine's voice. Seriously, can anyone explain that to me?
hahaha, i have no idea, but i love it!
This is so cool! I just love anything Ancient Egyptian themed :) Very beautiful!
hey, thanks! this is one of my favourite pieces. ^.^-b

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