Introduction: Egyptian White Rice

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it is the lightest and delicious Egyptian rice, it suits vegetarians

this rice is an every day dish in the Egyptian dinner as the regular dinner is: vegetables+rice+chicken/beef+salad and some times soup

ingredients for 2 persons:
- 1 cup of rice
- 1 cup of water
- black pepper
- curry
- salt
- 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil
- noodles (it is a type of macaroni not the instant noodles)
- 2 Laurel papers

Step 1: Wash the Rice

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put it in water and wash it by moving your fingers though it, and when water comes white spell the water and rewash rice about 4 times then leave it in water for 15 min.
then drain the rice and start cooking.

Step 2: Cooking

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- on a low fire put the oil and the noodles
- stir till noodles be gold and put the rice immediately as noodles burn quickly
- mix them will then add the water, spices, and salt
- stir so you make sure there is nothing sticks in the bottom
- when water start to disappear add the Laurel papers

put the led and stay beside it as rice become ready in 5 min. and any delay can burn it

once you see a white smoke comes from the led switch of your cooker and test by tasting a small amount of the surface that it is supple

if not add 1/4 cup of water and fire till you see the smoke again

remove the laurels and serve it hot with vegetables :)


ahmedebeed555 (author)2014-06-14

Delicious !!!

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