Why the Eiffel Tower in gingerbread? Because you can!!!! This project was much more about
model building than the typical gingerbread house. Mitered corners are a must for the lower sections. If the gingerbread is cooked long enough - but not too long - it becomes hard enough to shave off the back side of the side pieces to get a good fit at the corners. 
I love it
I love love love this! Nice job! :D
how did you make it
I started by making a pattern of stiff paper, from the bottom up.<br><br>Because the slanted pieces don't fit 'square,' the edges of most pieces needed to be beveled to fit together tightly. I did this by shaving them with a knife after they came out of the oven, before they got too hard.<br><br>It also helps to frost individual pieces before joining them together.
How long did it take to make it ? Its amazing!
Thanks. I did take my time on it, especially the original pattern.
&nbsp;sweet... i bet it is
This is super cool. If you don't win, I'll be shocked.
&nbsp;Arg! I was going to do thi, of course,, you&nbsp;did&nbsp;it better than I ever could have.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> You&nbsp;have&nbsp;my vote.<br />
&nbsp;Well, you still can. &nbsp;I made the pattern for this about 3 years ago. My first one wasn't as nice as this one. The top section is the tricky bit. I tried making it out of spaghetti, just piped frosting, pretzels. All had problems. Then I decided to just go with gingerbread all the way up.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> I made myself some tiny cookie cutters out of flux brushes from the plumbing department at Lowe's. They are like metal straws, and I was able to shape the open ends into a triangle, a square, a leaf shape, etc. So half the decorating was done before baking the pieces.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> Thanks for your comment.<br />
&nbsp;that is awesome
OMG! woah...
I love it! Its cool and obviously took some time. But it doesn't look like those &quot;cakes&quot; that are made only to look cool, not taste good, this actually looks ginger bready! you got my vote!
<p>I bet it taste good too</p>
Wow now thats cool<br />
Ooooooo. Pretty. Definitely a contender in my opinion!<br />
&nbsp;agreed. Very cool :)
Nice!<br />

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