Check out my new gun. This is a 6 foot, 3 inch knex gun that is capable of shooting 100 feet. It is very strong and I am only using 1 strand of rubber bands. If you were to use 2 strands of 25 rubber bands you could add more than 50 feet to the range. EVERY STEP IS 100% NECESSARY. WITHOUT A STEP IT WILL BREAK COMPLETELY APART. Please build this before you rate it. Comment and rate please. PS. El Asesino 750 means The murderer 75.0 inches. Yes I took all of the photos in my tent because I didn't have a big enough place anywhere else.

Step 1: The Stand/Bi Pod

This is absolutely necessary, no questions asked. It can be used as a bi pod too because it tilts forwards and can easily be controlled with one hand.
Why are you trying to copy the knex super sling on youtube? I dont think you saw it, but its better than this.
Can you post a video of it please
I think there was one on IAC's board. I found it. Here it is<br/><br/><div style="margin-left:15px;"> <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/eg97BcraIvk"></param><param name="wmode" value="transparent"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/eg97BcraIvk" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="425" height="344" wmode="transparent"></embed></object></div><br/>
There is a very big difference. The el assesino uses a rail. The super sling has no rail (which is better because there is less friction) There is one thing I can say about the super sling. That Uber-Awesome monster of a knex gun has the best range of all knex guns so far. (and parhaps also the worst accuracy)
No. 350 feet of range i s not the best. There have been ones that shoot further.
Which one is the best then? How far does it fire? (I can imagine a knex gun that shoots over a kilometer, omfg)
benfoxg's B.S.R rapter shoot's 450ft!!
With help of a rocket motor...
no with the help of a rocket motor it shoots 1000ft with out the rocket motor it shoots 450ft
<strong>lies.</strong> Do you know how far 450 feet it? thats 1.5 football fields!! even a real gun has trouble shooting that far! it is phisically impossible for rubberbands to retract fast enough to shoot a porjectile that far. he obviously lies and anyone that made it exaggerated because thay thought it was a great gun.
Well, how about lowney's claim, that killerk's SR V2 shoots 500 feet, i mean come on.&nbsp;
complete BS. I built it and i got about 100 feet. With a little tweaking i got it up to 150 feet but 500, never EVER&nbsp;going to happnen.
&nbsp;Exact thing happened to me All his guns are bs
ok good im not crazy
My bad.
Lol, I understand what you are trying to say there Canada's guy :-).
and killerks sr v2 shoots 500ft!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
actually rails are better for accuracy.
True. Did I stated that it isn't better for accuracy then?
no, all you said was no rails are better for less friction, i am making a supplimentary statement, not a contradictory statement.
Sorry, I understand now (Lol I don't even know what the words supplimentary and contradictonary mean but I think I can guess what it means)
supplimentary means i add information to the sentence that is already there and contradictory means i disagree with the sentence and show what i think is correct.
the 350+ feet range was because the gun was pointed at a 45 degree angle. I want to see it shoot flat.
Holy crapload of bad words. It is beautiful. Sniff sniff.
not mine.
Who made it then?
knexrule100 i think
idk. it wasnt posted here, only on youtube.
why? He didn't copy its completely different.
Acrually I have no clue whay you are talking about.
why have you yoused blue rods for the bullit chanel
to save pieces
hmm... when i get more knex, i might make a tank and use this as its gun...
That would be awesome, but it would have to be some big tank! lol A six foot gun translates to about an 8 foot tank.
XD how... much...knex?!?!
a LOT.
May build and put some minigun-ish handles on it... Then I can carry it.
this is like the super sling from youtube. ps I made a sling and it shhhot about the same distance
Nice. You do know that was already brought up. Look below.
i thaink you gun is good but what sort of triger duse it youes
cant u take pics out side of the tent?
Sure just give me a little time
i dont care if its iin your tent i was just suggesting somthing
To some people but to others it is a great bargaining device as well as a huge powerhouse.
No the piece count of the instructable.

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