Check out my new gun. This is a 6 foot, 3 inch knex gun that is capable of shooting 100 feet. It is very strong and I am only using 1 strand of rubber bands. If you were to use 2 strands of 25 rubber bands you could add more than 50 feet to the range. EVERY STEP IS 100% NECESSARY. WITHOUT A STEP IT WILL BREAK COMPLETELY APART. Please build this before you rate it. Comment and rate please. PS. El Asesino 750 means The murderer 75.0 inches. Yes I took all of the photos in my tent because I didn't have a big enough place anywhere else.

Step 1: The Stand/Bi pod

Picture of The Stand/Bi pod
This is absolutely necessary, no questions asked. It can be used as a bi pod too because it tilts forwards and can easily be controlled with one hand.
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DJ Radio6 years ago
Why are you trying to copy the knex super sling on youtube? I dont think you saw it, but its better than this.
Electroinnovation (author)  DJ Radio6 years ago
Can you post a video of it please
I think there was one on IAC's board. I found it. Here it is

There is a very big difference. The el assesino uses a rail. The super sling has no rail (which is better because there is less friction) There is one thing I can say about the super sling. That Uber-Awesome monster of a knex gun has the best range of all knex guns so far. (and parhaps also the worst accuracy)
No. 350 feet of range i s not the best. There have been ones that shoot further.
Which one is the best then? How far does it fire? (I can imagine a knex gun that shoots over a kilometer, omfg)
Jesus. TigerNod6 years ago
benfoxg's B.S.R rapter shoot's 450ft!!
With help of a rocket motor...
no with the help of a rocket motor it shoots 1000ft with out the rocket motor it shoots 450ft
Electroinnovation (author)  Jesus.5 years ago
lies. Do you know how far 450 feet it? thats 1.5 football fields!! even a real gun has trouble shooting that far! it is phisically impossible for rubberbands to retract fast enough to shoot a porjectile that far. he obviously lies and anyone that made it exaggerated because thay thought it was a great gun.
Well, how about lowney's claim, that killerk's SR V2 shoots 500 feet, i mean come on. 
Electroinnovation (author)  Jesus.5 years ago
complete BS. I built it and i got about 100 feet. With a little tweaking i got it up to 150 feet but 500, never EVER going to happnen.
 Exact thing happened to me All his guns are bs
Electroinnovation (author)  sprout_less5 years ago
ok good im not crazy
My bad.
Lol, I understand what you are trying to say there Canada's guy :-).
Jesus. Jesus.5 years ago
and killerks sr v2 shoots 500ft!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
actually rails are better for accuracy.
True. Did I stated that it isn't better for accuracy then?
no, all you said was no rails are better for less friction, i am making a supplimentary statement, not a contradictory statement.
Sorry, I understand now (Lol I don't even know what the words supplimentary and contradictonary mean but I think I can guess what it means)
supplimentary means i add information to the sentence that is already there and contradictory means i disagree with the sentence and show what i think is correct.
the 350+ feet range was because the gun was pointed at a 45 degree angle. I want to see it shoot flat.
Electroinnovation (author)  DJ Radio6 years ago
Holy crapload of bad words. It is beautiful. Sniff sniff.
not mine.
Electroinnovation (author)  DJ Radio6 years ago
Who made it then?
knexrule100 i think
idk. it wasnt posted here, only on youtube.
why? He didn't copy its completely different.
Electroinnovation (author)  DJ Radio6 years ago
Acrually I have no clue whay you are talking about.
pls DJ Radio6 years ago
why have you yoused blue rods for the bullit chanel
to save pieces
hmm... when i get more knex, i might make a tank and use this as its gun...
Electroinnovation (author)  mettaurlover6 years ago
That would be awesome, but it would have to be some big tank! lol A six foot gun translates to about an 8 foot tank.
XD how... much...knex?!?!
a LOT.
May build and put some minigun-ish handles on it... Then I can carry it.
wehe-tehe6 years ago
this is like the super sling from youtube. ps I made a sling and it shhhot about the same distance
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