I wanted to install an audio system in his hat so Pirate Pete the glow in the dark skull could recite this poem unfortunately I didn’t have the time this year. So I settled with making him glow with flashing lights and now I have until next year to make him say.  

El Día de los Muertos
I be pirate Pete I say.
And to my words attention do pay.
Or with thy soul upon my blade.
Yea guts spill out thy belly splayed.
For on this night the day of the dead.
Evil comes and seek yea head.
So lock yea door put out thy light.
For they shall come within the night.
Ghosts goblins, banshees and more,
shall come and pound upon thy door.
And if yea dare to open wide,
and let these spirits step inside.
Trick or treat they sing with joy,
from every girl and every boy.
For Halloween it be here,
filled with children’s laughs and cheer.
And with no treats that yea can pay,
it is with tricks they shall play.
Josehf Lloyd Murchison

During holidays every one helps with the decorations a friend of mine gave me the Rum bottle shaped like a skull, my son Joshua panted the glass, my wife Anne made the hat, and I wrote the poem and built the circuit that flashes the blue and red LEDs. I needed the hat to hide the circuit board and battery for the LEDs.

Step 1: Painting the Skull

For painting the skull you need four things, a glass or crystal skull, paint, a brush, and a Kid with a steady hand that likes to paint. The glass Rum bottle skull was already etched so the paint had no problem sticking to the skull and remember kids always make a mess so you will need a mop a bucket and rags to clean up.

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