Picture of El Fiasco
This piece of fan art is inspired by my favorite Hip-Hop artist, Lupe Fiasco.  Lupe didn't win the Grammy for Best Album or Record of the Year, but he has won fanatical Art by me!( Much more important than a Grandma Award).  So with that preface, I present El Fiasco, el-wire tribute art.    
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Step 1: Parts & Tools

Picture of Parts & Tools
Picture is annotated with stuffs
Shopping lists

2 X  El Wire (WHITE) 
1 x El Wire Inverter
2 x El Wire extender
1 x El Wire Spliter 
1 x Gallery Wrapped 48x24 canvas
1 x 1" plastic stencils 
1 x Drawing tools--protractor, large ruler, light pencil
1 x 1" brush
1 x Nylon or clear polyester thread
1 x Xacto knife

1 x sample can of "Wet Pavement" 
1 x Can of White Spray Paint(Gloss)[not pictured]
1 x roller for pain

1 x album art printed to serve as reference(important)
1 x 8AA battery pack---Radio Shack 
Heat shrink...Alot

Knife swtich (Radio shack)
Grey wall Plate (Lowe's)
vinyl tubing  (Lowe's)
lexan™ (poly carbonate glass)3/8 inch  (Menards)
more heat shrink
El wire connector pieces (AdaFruit)
1 Watt LED  (
2AA battery pack(Radio Shack)

Step 2: Getting started

Picture of Getting started
First, use the roller to paint the canvas grey with our paint
Next, lay out the letters and cut them out.  i used a cardstock posterboard as my template substrate.  
After that, Tape the stencil to the canvas
Lastly, Use the spray paint and tag that name.  
hey they have a play nice thingy here an yr sign says losers?. that goes against their be nice policy!!!!!!
Grissini (author)  astral_mage1 year ago
Lasers! Adding an anarchist A turns a loser into a Laser.
mzhang31 year ago
there is nothing you can not do about it .... the only limitation is your imagination . here is your inspiration source !
You should enter this in the Hurricane Lasers Contest!
Grissini (author)  SelkeyMoonbeam2 years ago
I totally would if it were eligible. Although this was recently featured, it was published back in march.
Thanks for checking it out. I hope someone at Instructables listens to hip/hop and knows of this album. I believe it's the hip/hop version of Radiohead's "OK Computer"-- albums that will be talked about and enjoyed long after these artist are gone.
Oh, good catch, you're right!
I didn't know this artist, but I listened on your video & like it- reminds me of a cross between K'Naan and ..something very different.
SHIFT!2 years ago
This project is AWESOME. I absolutely love the font on this lettering, great job.
Grissini (author)  SHIFT!2 years ago
thanks, it's one of my favorite projects. I have since switched the battery pack for a 12volt wallwart so I can enjoy in more often.