Step 6: Secure the 2 Way Splitter Connector

The insides of the wheels should have loose connector wires.
A. Secure these connector cables by gathering the cables in a thin strip.
B. Use pliers to twist the galvanized wire connector cables together.
C. Cut off excess galvanized wire.
D. Stick the twisted galvanized wire in between the rubber tire and plastic rim.
E. Repeat steps until the rest of the inverter cable wires are neatly hidden from view.
Wow! How much did it cost altogether?
Awesome idea! It almost looks TRON-like with how bright the lights are illuminated.
Excellent work! One thing I would suggest, instead of &quot;Galvanised wire&quot;, look at using &quot;Cable Ties&quot; (Zip Ties). <br> <br>Wheel chairs should indeed be customised, both for comfort and for fun! Straight out of the factory they are hardly the most aesthetically pleasing articles. <br> <br>This is a great instructable addressing an important issue. <br> <br>I also posted it to an organisation that might be of mutual interest. <br> <br>https://www.facebook.com/MERUcharity
I agree, zip ties may be a more sturdy material to keep the wires together, however they can also look bulky in the day time. Perhaps a thicker galvanized wire would do the trick? Will be looking into other materials. Thank you for the support!

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