Picture of Elastic Shoes
Because tying laces is for suckers!  You're a grown-up now, you've spent enough time tying your shoes.  Shave valuable seconds off your day by converting your Converse into easy slip-on shoes!  People everywhere will covet your new, unique shoes, and secretly berate themselves for tying their laces every morning like saps.  So grab your favorite lace-up kicks, find some snazzy elastic, and let's do this.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
For this project, grab:
  • a pair of lace-ups
  • some elastic (doesn't have to be as wide as in the picture, but how can you not love that!)  I used less than 1/2 yd, but if you use thin elastic, you might want to use more than one strip
  • a needle
  • some heavy-duty button thread
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ruzeshoes1 month ago

So stylish and easy to make! Certainly will try it.

sclements32 months ago
generalbipbip10 months ago
super idea!
lyonpridej2 years ago
I just found this on pinterest & have saved it to my instructables favorites. This is such a great idea! I can just see my granddaughters with shoes like this & I would wear them myself - at age 51, I quit tying my shoes if at all possible about 30 years ago :D -Thanks!
Sbarnetts143 years ago
I can't seem to find the elastic on the website anywhere. Does anyone have a direct link to the item or another website?
Kaelpe3 years ago
I love these! I'm going to do this to an old pair of shoes for when I have to run to class!
Where did you get the elastic like that?
scoochmaroo (author)  Kaelpe3 years ago
We have a really cool fabric shop in town called Britex.  They might even have it for sale online!
! I searched, and they do! Thanks, it looks like I'm going to be using that website a lot now.
(I love your instructables by the way, they're always so creative and useful)
Adorable! I really want to make these but am looking all over the internet and don't see wide elastic like that anywhere. I feel kind of silly but I looked on the Britex site and don't see it... did you see wide elastic like that on Britex and if you did do you mind posting a link?
When I went to the site the other day it was under "flat elastics" under "notions," but I couldn't find it either this morning.
They still have thick ruffled stuff though.
atterack8333 years ago
gotsparkles3 years ago
SUPER, super cute!! I won't make them, but would love to buy them!! :)
I've been doing a similar thing by using old bike inner tubes to make stretchy laces. Tie once, then they're slip-ons. This, however, is much cooler looking. Plus, my laces would break after a few months...
rifakungen3 years ago
Damn cool looking leggings! :D
You can get some at Target! >w< I have some too, they are called 'Sweater Tights' or something like that. $7? I think.
Oh cool! thanks a lot! :3
Schuyler3 years ago
Um. . . . I have an almost identical pair of sneakers with elastic shoelaces. Work like a dream, though they are not cheap(the shoelaces). Many sources on the web.
OMG! they are sew (hahaha) cool, i am just about to buy my 4 kids new shoes for autumn, think i will definately have to buy some extra ones for this idea.
vincent75203 years ago
Great !…
One of those inventions that will be taken by top brands, it it's not already done … 
Neat! I'll have to do something like this.
scoochmaroo (author)  The Ideanator3 years ago
We have a really cool fabric shop in town called Britex.  They might even have it for sale online!
alisonb3 years ago
I love this idea, I have just the pair of shoes that I want to do.
scoochmaroo (author)  alisonb3 years ago
We have a really cool fabric shop in town called Britex.  They might even have it for sale online!
Hey Scooch, how well do you think this would work in an industrial setting, say with work-boots? Or, perhaps, with running shoes?
scoochmaroo (author)  javajunkie19763 years ago
We have a really cool fabric shop in town called Britex.  They might even have it for sale online!
flyingpuppy3 years ago
This is one of those innovations that would make life easier for older people too. Mind if I post a link to this on my Alzheimer's blog?
scoochmaroo (author)  flyingpuppy3 years ago
Wow, I never thought of that! What a great idea. I would love for you to share it!
deladybex3 years ago
What a cool looking shoe and no one else wiil have it once you make it your own! humm grreat idea WAtch out for designers to steal it now? Thanks
tqwerty3 years ago
These are so awesome, and the stripes make it look even better!
Great job!
Wow! What a great idea :-D
ashbegash3 years ago
Oh So Cute!! =)
sunshiine3 years ago
How cute is this! I love it! Thanks for sharing scoochmaroo!
These are supercute.
Very cute idea and makes it so much easier to put your shoes on! Love it!
Kryptonite3 years ago
Easy and simple, and oh-so elegant. I love how the stripes look like shoelaces, they look so cool!
SCIENCEPAL3 years ago
Love it!!!!
tinker2343 years ago
wow thank you i have not been able to tie due to a medical issue now i can wear requalar shoes
iamkeebler3 years ago
Love it!
I love these elastic laces (and your tights or socks or whatever you are wearing in the first picture)!
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