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Hello Everyone,

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The Elasto-O-Matic RBG-5  (rubber band gun five)
The crème de la crème of Binder Shooters...

My interest in rubber band shooters, goes back to my childhood.
I'm sure we all had a rubber band shooter aka binder gun when we were kids!

I was searching the internet and came across this site:

I really liked his shooters.
So, I like the idea of shooting 5 rubber bands in sequence. (one after the other)
I used his firing method of his P302 ARC II 5 rounds.

This shooter has a safety on it. (It works, for real)
It also has a ammo holder.
Will hold up to 15 rubber bands.

You do not have to follow my plans to the tee.
You can design your own, maybe make a different handle, shorter barrel, many options.
If you do decide to make one, make sure and post a picture.

Well, lets get onto the instructable.

Step 1: Materials Needed

Picture of Materials Needed
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002 wood selection01.jpg
027 magnets.jpg

Materials needed to build the Elasto-O-Matic RBG-5

1. Wood ( I used KOA, Walnut Allowood, White Oak, and Ash.)
   a. I used 3/4" for the box and the shooter parts are all 1/4".
2. Dowels ( I used Walnut for the grips and poplar for the trigger mech.)
    a. I used a 1/4" for the trigger and safety and 7/16" for the pistol grips.
3. Screw Eyes
4. Felt Bumper Feet
5. Barrel Hinges for the case, available from rockler.com
    a. 10mm concealed hinge
6. Spring (something bigger then 8lbs safe working load)
7. Magnets for the box holder. I needed 6 of them.
    a. 1/4"
8. String for the safety. About 10" worth.
8. Of course, rubber bands aka binders for all you northerner's (I use no. 32 binders)

I did all my designing with my CNC (Computerized Numerical Control) software.
You could make the shooter without the CNC.
You could cut all the parts with a bandsaw or scrollsaw.
You will also need:
Miter Box

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juju54341 year ago
So cool
JoelWittlif2 years ago
Wow this is an amazing tool.
wow did you win a contest cool
Greasetattoo (author)  dylanrichards3 years ago
Yes, I did win a contest!
Also, in the Minnesota State Fair!
i wish i where in usa
Mr. Noack3 years ago
Ummmm..... this is awesome!! I think it deserved more than a runner-up.
jhaskey3 years ago
Looks a lot like this:

Greasetattoo (author)  jhaskey3 years ago
Did you see the picture below..Of the finished project!
Greasetattoo (author)  jhaskey3 years ago
That's it!

Thanks for that super link!
I do have the original magazine!
jmantelli3 years ago
This is awesome but having each shape single and at size would be greatly appreciated for use that dont have cnc and would like to use band saw. Also as said spots of dowels and so forth!
Thanks man really want to make a few of these for X-Mas presents!
tan1233 years ago
This is a great RBG i absolutely HAVE to have this.
pilotneko3 years ago
I applaud your superb design and would love to replicate this gun, but the eps files you uploaded are incomplete. Do you have an updated file? The ones posted don't have holes for the dowels in the handgrips or a channel for the barrel portion.
bfwitt3 years ago
are you will to sell these because i would make one but i dont have acces to a cnc cutter
bartongang3 years ago
Want to make this gun so bad! LOL
Just wondering if there is any depressions in the gun's body other than the spring one.
Is there any way you could upload or describe a picture of how exactly the trigger and body pieces fit together

Thanks for the instructable!
A beautifully designed and finished piece of work.

When can we expect to see the Organ. I'm sure you are aware that a "Calliope" is just an organ run from steam instead of wind. I've been playing with pipes and wind chests for some years.
Greasetattoo (author)  Dream Dragon4 years ago
Thank you kindly...

Here is a sneek peak.
Presently @ the Minnesota State Fair.

That does look very cool. Look forward to more information about it.

Keep up the good work.
nunzilla5554 years ago
this makes me want to play duck hunt
ggates4 years ago
Epix. is it possible to make it lager for larger musical range?
hey do you know how much this costs overall...
Greasetattoo (author)  wacky_tertle4 years ago
Well, I am figuring about $20.
The wood was the most expensive.

I'm sure you could do it for under $10 without the box....
Hope this helps.
Congrats on the win : )
Greasetattoo (author)  annahowardshaw4 years ago

Thanks for the Congrats!!

Have a great weekend!
your a geniouse
star x4 years ago
bartongang4 years ago
This is a GREAT instructable!
I have been looking at oggcrafts videos on youtube and am wondering if there is or will be any other instructions on how to make other owns.
Thanks for the instructable!!!
Greasetattoo (author)  bartongang4 years ago
Thanks, Bart on gang..

Maybe, in the near future, I will make another.
I want to make a machine gun, rubberband thrower.

Stay tuned....
Its really very good,
Thanks for sharing
madenairy4 years ago
great instructable! - jus 1 thing - i dont have a cnc machine or a mill, is there any chance of putting up the dimentions for the trigger mech, or even just a clear pic of the gun and say a ruler next to it for scale?
Greasetattoo (author)  madenairy4 years ago

The actual eps files are on step 2.
You can load them in a paint program or vector program.
Then print them out and use them as a pattern.

Good luck, and hope this helps.
itscasper4 years ago
Nice looking instructable but I'm confused on the trigger. In this photo I don't see how the trigger can be pulled back. Are you supposed to push up on the trigger instead? With the elastics catching on the gun "frame", wouldn't you want the back of the trigger smooth to push them off?
Greasetattoo (author)  itscasper4 years ago
Thanks for the kind comments.

Watch this video and then you might understand a little better...

Thank you, that video explained a lot. I had imagined all elastics would fire at once. This is a brilliant design (and my three boys think so too).

Nope, the dents on the back of the trigger allow the rubber bands to "go up" one step towards the top of the gun, making it possible to shoot them one per time. The higher rubber band won't find another step when it'll be pushed up and will fly into freedom.. or an eye :D
esantomarco4 years ago
Hi friend, congratulations
and beautiful gun and box.

Please send me the design of the gun,

Thanks, Enzo from Italy.

Greasetattoo (author)  esantomarco4 years ago
All the files are above.
You can download them there.

Glad you liked the shooter!
doomsdayltd4 years ago
the design of the gun kinda resembles alucards special colts
i wish i had a CNC machine right now
my favorite thing about this is how it somewhat resembles (at least to me) the classic James Bond gun (with silencer of course)
Poehls054 years ago
I just love ogg craft. I tried my hand at making the P504 MA:KUN and it work out great. Thanks for posting.
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