You might be a REDNECK if you have CASTRATION TOOLS in your crafting supplies!

An Elastrator is a tool most commonly used to castrate livestock, however if you are a Redneck Crafter looking to make some inexpensive toys for the children this Christmas this tool may take up new residence in your crafting supply box. 

These fun foam Alligators are simple, inexpensive, and make good use of some of your barn yard clutter.

Step 1: Supplies

Go out to your barn and round up:

`An Elastrator
`A couple Castration bands
`A pair of needle nose pliers
`A brazing rod (from welding supplies) I used a brass 1/8" x 36"
`An old foam cushion (about a 15" square 2" deep will make 2 gators )
`A pair of Sharp scissors
`Scrap fencing wire (about a yard) 
`A can of green spray paint
`Pinking shears
`A pair of craft eyes
`Some green Rick Rack 

Note: If you have to BUY an Elastrator & all these supplies then this project can be rather expensive. However if you are already well rehearsed at Elastration (castrating animals with an elastrator), have scrap fencing wire, and brazing rods already laying around, well then, these little critter would be ideal!
Hahaha! Excellent work my friend!
This is great! Looks amazing, and I'm sure is a lot of fun!!!!
This is really solid balloon animals. Clever.
Yes! I love these things. They were one of my favorite parts of Tater Day in my hometown :D
They used to sell them at the county fair when I was growing up. Of course we couldn't afford them so this is how my mom made them for us, from scraps around the barn. I thought I might share our redneck version!

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