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Electrostatic Precipitator : A very simple to make but very useful thing.
First of all let me explain What acutally an ELECTROSTATIC PRECIPITATOR is.
Electrostatic precipitation is a method of dust collection that uses electrostatic forces, and consists of discharge wires and collecting plates. A high voltage is applied to the discharge wires to form an electrical field between the wires and the collecting plates, and also ionizes the gas around the discharge wires to supply ions. When gas that contains an aerosol (dust, mist) flows between the collecting plates and the discharge wires, the aerosol particles in the gas are charged by the ions. The Coulomb force caused by the electric field causes the charged particles to be collected on the collecting plates, and the gas is purified. This is the principle of electrostatic precipitation, and Electrostatic precipitator apply this principle on an industrial scale. The particles collected on the collecting plates are removed by methods such as
(1) dislodging by rapping the collecting plates,
(2) scraping off with a brush, or
(3) washing off with water, and removing from a hopper.

Step 1: Collecting the Materials !!!!

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Things you'll need :
1.Cardboard Tube
2.Aluminium Foil
3.Metal Wire (Thick)
4.Soldering Iron
5.Induction Coil
6.Basic knowledge of Soldering

Step 2: Making a Hole in the Tube

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● Drill a hole of about 1" diameter near one of the carboard tube ends.
● Wrap the aluminium foil around the cardboard tube.

Step 3: Connecting Induction Coil With the Foil and Current Supply

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● Hang the metal wire in the center of the tube . Dont make it touch the walls of tube. Connect this wire to one terminal of coil.
● Take anothe wire and connect its one end to aluminium foil and the other to the other terminal of the COIL.
● Connect a power source to the coil.
● Test it by putting a thing in the tube

☆Note: High voltage of power is needed .

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AnaS117 (author)2017-09-06

Hi! I have a doubt, where did you get the induction coil?

Harsh298 (author)2013-11-26

Thnx for your advice, but its only a model , I'll soon upload the pics of my real project .

Lectric Wizard (author)2013-11-26

You can't just hook the coil to the battery, you need a driver circuit called an inverter to produce an varying current in the coil. (on/off).

You're on the right track, just need a little more research.

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