Step 1: Microphone

The major thing that you will need in this project is a microphone ( any kind ) as you can see i got mine from an old rock band microphone from a broken wii
Btw thanks for the info i never would have known that. I am 12 years old and have little experiene or knowlage for microphones and i just threw this thing together with no directions hoping it would work and i guess im luckey it did so again thanks for the info
Well it works and it works very well and you can amplify anything you could use it as a microphone or any thing you want, and it has suprisingly good sound qualaty
&quot;The major thing that you will need in this project is a microphone ( any kind )&quot; <br> <br>Nope. You got lucky. Your Wii/Rockband mic must be a dynamic mic, meaning it generates a signal without needing external power. A magnet and a coil. This is good. <br> <br>A lot of cheap microphones use an electret capsule. These produce no signal unless they are powered, and a guitar amp won't provide the low voltage bias needed to run them, so you now will have to add a battery, a resistor, a DC blocking capacitor. Otherwise, no signal. <br> <br>Stick with dynamic mics for ease, else look up powering electret mics -- it's only 2 components and a battery, but they are essential!
Genius! Never had an elec guitar. My kid doesn't even play Wii anymore. I just need an amp and guitar then learn how to play.

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