Step 2: Building the Chair!

Hurray! Time to create the chair that will be slowly executing your dead batteries! Grab a fist full of popsicle sticks and either a dremel tool or scissors or whatever you can find that will cut through a popsicle stick nicely. I didn't use specific measurements, but after measuring, I found that the pieces that I cut are damn close to usable figures, so I will post them. Your standard popsicle stick is roughly 4 1/2 inches long which works out nicely for us.
Pieces that you will need -
6 - 2inch pieces without the rounded end
2- 2 1/8th pieces without rounded end
2 - 1 5/8th inch pieces without the rounded end
2 - 1 5/8th inch pieces WITH rounded end
2 - 2 1/2 inch pieces WITH rounded end

Take 4 of the 2 inch pieces and stick em together, make sure they are even then sand and elmers glue together, I used some scrap pieces and glued them across all four, bracing them together. You can replace the sanding and elmers gluing with hot glue, I don't like it because it is ugly and not as ridged as white glue. Sanding is important because you will find your glue sticking much better and adhering much quicker.

Anyways, once the four pieces are dry, take the two 1 5/8th inch non rounded pieces, and the two 2 1/8th inch pieces, sand the thin edges and apply some more white glue, then glue to the bottom edge of what is now the chair seat, this will be the trim which will help hide the joule thief.

After that dries, move on to creating the back of the death chair.
Take the two 2 1/5 inch pieces, sand and glue on the back piece of trim on the chair seat, then sand and glue on the last two 2inch pieces to create the chair back.

Wait to dry and on to the arms. You should only have two pieces left, and they should be rounded. Take them and some small pieces of scrap, sand and glue the small pieces to the arm, then to the seat top and chair backing. Wait to dry and you have a chair. . . without the legs. . . but who cares!?
lol nice one man :_:
These are the $2 automatic wire strippers from goldmine, right? How is the quality; I was looking to purchase them.
i have those same wire strippers
Where did you get your actual "joule thief"? btw, cool idea.
Thats pretty cool! once a battery is unable to do its job it gets the chair!!! XD must add to favorites :)
haha, I love this project... It's just weird, maybe adding a little figure that holds the battery would be a good addition...
I think there should be a 'Joule Thief Contest'. There are SO many possibilities when you build one of these. I'm going to try this!
Yea, I was thinking about using some pipe cleaners to make some arms and hands to strap down to the chair arms, and maybe some googly eyes to the front of the helmet because. . . well who doesn't love googly eyes?
Or an action figure hollowed out to hold the battery, more complicated but funny...
Maybe just add some wire arms and legs to the battery.
Nice, dude. Not bad!
Now <em>that</em> is <em>so</em> cool. I'm definitely going to try this out.<br/><br/>A while ago I tried 1up's Joule Theif but kind of messed up.<br/><br/>I'M STILL GOING TO TRY THOUGH.<br/>MWUAHAHAHA.<br/><br/>+5/5 stars.<br/>(added to favorites)<br/>
sorry but i dont understand what this is supposed to do. And what a joule thief is, please explain.
When you have "dead" batteries, there is usually still some power left in them, whether or not it has enough to power an electronic device, the joule thief is a circuit that drains the remaining power from your dead batteries by lighting up either an LED or small motor. It's basically for fun or for a first time electronics/LED project.
Cool! Great Instructable!
Very nice !
Hehe, I don't think I'll be worried about saving electricity when I'm frying in the chair! (Just kidding, great job!)

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