Tom and Ben take Tom's battery-electric Dodge Neon conversion out for a spin on the freeway.
Conversation includes heat in an EV, energy used, and how NOT to get a speeding ticket.... 
how much does all that caust all in all not including the car itself just all the parts n motor? im a big fan of ev's and have some good ideas to help the battery last longer and i need to save money on gas its killing me lol <br>
would it be better to use deep cycle batteries?
Flooded deep-cycle batteries are an excellent choice for an electric car, especially the 6V versions.<br><br>In this car, it requires 12V batteries to be able to reach the voltage required by the AC drive system.<br><br>In this case, the batteries are inside the passenger compartment, so you really wouldn't want flooded batteries because of that.<br><br>With the high voltage, very low amperage is pulled from the batteries, allowing them to extend their life, and have more flexibility in choice of batteries.<br><br>A big part of what started this project is that the builder, Tom, got a pallet of batteries for FREE. He later traded some of them out for a slightly different version of the battery, but he got a really good deal on even that!
I didn't watch all your videos, but judging from the camera pans in the back seat. I trust you have some sort of electrical fire suppression chemical along with a master kill switch in the driver seat, in the event of a short?
I recognized a few roads in this video because I go up to Milwaukee every now-and-then. I live in Antioch, Illinois, and I go up into Wisconsin quite a bit.
&nbsp;how does the shifting work?
Tom and Ben,<br /> Did you guys shoot this video on I -894 in Greenfield, I noticed the Loomis Rd. exit.&nbsp; I am originally from the area and my whole family lives in the area surrounding Greendale and then further south in Waterford.&nbsp; <br /> <br /> I live in Knoxville, TN but would love to meet you guys and see the car on my next trip to WI&nbsp;which will probably be next summer.<br /> <br /> Great work on the car so far and keep the videos coming!<br />
&nbsp;Yep!<br /> The Milwaukee Electric Car Club usually meets at Tom's house in Greenfield, Wisconsin.<br /> <br /> Look us &nbsp;up next time you are in town!<br /> <br /> -Ben<br />

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