Picture of Electric Eraser
In this Instructable, I will show you how to make a Electric Eraser out of a motor,a small box,and a 1.5 volt battery.This can be very useful to eraser mistakes fast!!

Step 1: Objects you Need

Picture of Objects you Need
For this Instructable, you will need:
5.silver tape(optional)
6.regular tape
ninja01263 months ago
How did you attach the eraser?
i think you need to put some glue
i try it and i adjust it a bit.I put a switch at it .it look cool. but the eraser did not attached to the motor .it broken i need to exchange it anytime
stranoster7 years ago
I made one in year 5 as a last minute project in a piece of telephone pipe because the motor fit in the end exactly and the battery pack as well, then I just dremelled in a thing for the switch and painted it yellow... High 5 for being slack and getting an A!. Great instructable, very well written with good, clear pictures. Excellent work
In 3rd grade, we had a show and tell. I forgot to bring something in, but found a dime in my pocket... guess what my show and tell was. I was extremely resourceful as a kid... My show and tell consisted of spinning the dime and timing how long it spun before stopping. I said that each coin had it's own average spin time (depending on the person spinning it), but I had lost my other coins. Considering the cool projects the other kids bought in (K'nex ball roller coaster being one of them), they still seemed to have flocked around the dime just to watch it spin. Now that's being slack :P
I built a lego conveyor once and made it measure the weight of stuff and it would then change its speed. that was in year 4 at my primary :)
sonnimo123 (author)  stranoster7 years ago
badrang47 years ago
sonnimo123 (author)  badrang47 years ago
whats does inavative mean???
He means innovative.
with all due respect i did the same thing by poking a hole on an eraser and sticking it on the end of a handheld fan with the propeller off. So simple.
Yeah but this version looks as if it would take a bit more abuse and it isnt as big...
thank you (im just a 6th grader!)
gee so am i
haha. my friend in grade ten cant spell tuesday...haha, he says---teusday
I would appreciate it if you illustrate or use it erasing... lol
jakesllama5 years ago
cool i like it i came up with an diffent idea of the same thing before i saw this it was the same thing but mine drived a rubber band belt but youre idea looks easier
rubberman76 years ago
this is so weird i thought i invented that idea 5 years ago! right now im making a more advanced one its going to be called electro eraser ill post it soon and please vote!
Vinzz6 years ago
Great work!!!!!!!!!!!
ultrauber7 years ago
Wait. Don't you need to attach a real eraser to the bottom so that it actually takes stuff off?
sonnimo123 (author)  ultrauber7 years ago
you can but i did use a real esaer but just a small one:)
Oh. So you mean, you attached a little eraser to the bottom? Or did you just mount the whole thing inside a eraser?
sonnimo123 (author)  ultrauber7 years ago
no i just made a hole in the bottom of the easer and hot glued it to the motor for a snug fit:)
sonnimo123 (author) 7 years ago
Thanks:) Also i can add a video if you want me to:)
Ora sonnimo1237 years ago
I would like to see one.
seriously, this is super smart! i would have never thought of that, if i can find a box like this, I'll make it right away. if i remember.
thecreator7 years ago
already made one...will definitely use it! keep bringing more!!
LOL thats original. :-P you could mabe make it better by adding a switch on the side to turn the motor on, instead of the wire touching. Oddly Cool Instructable.
extremely creative man! you have my vote!!!
wow! i really love this instructable...very useful and simple to make. You dont even have to leave your house to get supplies. All of the supplies can be found inside your house. :)
woot, put a 9v battery in there, and may the smoking paper commence!
Bongmaster7 years ago
kool this can be elaborated on easily :)
gamer7 years ago
very cool. creative -gamer
rikkdbomb7 years ago
any way you could put a video of this in action?