Electric Fan Car


Introduction: Electric Fan Car

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This video should explain everything step by step, this video was originally uploaded to youtube. The materials you will need are:

For the fan - 12v/9v High Torque Motor, Slide switch, 9v battery clip, 9v battery, wires

For the car - Wheels, cardboard, straws

For the propeller - Water bottle caps, gift card

This is a very simple and easy project that is fun to build and to use. Please check out my youtube channel for more!




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    love it! it will me alot in my science project thank you!

    i have a science project due in the morning and i decided to do it over this . the problem is , the video for this wont work and i need all of the steps . is there any way you can tell me all the steps ?

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    sorry i know its late but heres a youtube link

    My uc browser is not supporting videos in Nokia Lumia 525. It will be best if you add step by step instructions with photos. Thumbnail of that video looks awesome.

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    oh i see, thanks for the advice I'll make sure to do that on my next instructables

    Awesome video. excellent editing. I liked the propeller part you've build. If Steps with pictures included this will be featured.