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Thank you for viewing my Instructable. I think I'm the first one in the world to make an electric fingerboard. Let's get started

Step 1: What You Need

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What you need-

Tape or hot glue
Lithium ion battery (rechargeable) 3.6 volts
Motor with tape around the axle for traction.

Step 2:

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Tape the motor on one of the trucks. Make sure the axle with the tape is touching one of the wheels.

Step 3:

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Tape the lithium battery to the bottom of the board. This is the best battery for this because it is small and won't touch the ground when the board is upright.

Step 4:

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Attach one wire on the motor to one wire on the switch.

Step 5:

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Now attach the two wires not connected to anything into the lithium battery's white connecter. You can easily take the 2 wires out and recharge the battery.

Step 6:

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Now glue the switch to the board. I used hot glue.

Step 7:

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The bottom of the board should look like this.

Step 8: Finished!

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Now you have an electric fingerboard. The board should move in a big circle when the switch is turned on. It will move in a big circle because only one wheel is moving.


ladymda (author)2016-05-13

I'm really sorry to break it to ya man, but have you ever heard of circut boards? They are remote controlled finger boards that came out a couple years ago. So I don't think you were the first person to make electric finger boards. I still love your version though, keep at it!

Zraab (author)2016-04-03

Hi there, I'm a complete noob with electronics, but isn't it possible to add a motor to the inside of the fingerboard so it's rides straight?

John_Singleton_ (author)Zraab2016-04-03

It would ride straight but I just don't have a wheel for the motor so I didint do that

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