Picture of Electric Go Kart From Old Trash (On a Budget)
One man's trash is another man's fun!

It all started when my father got a motor and a controller (not used yet) off a little electric truck some people were throwing away.  Also, someone gave him an old go kart frame likely from the 70s.  It had surprisingly little rust except for a seat on which someone poorly welded.  However, it still was in "throw away" condition.

Throughout the instructable, I'll bold certain things I think will be most useful to know.

I would highly recommend doing projects like this with your children, as it helps them learn things that everyone should know.  It breaks the chain of not doing anything for yourself and learning to do it through knowledge and error (and we had plenty of that).

Anyway, before I start, here's a video of the go kart I call the "Rat Buggy" in motion.  Excuse the short length; it was meant to be a nice trip around the yard, but the camera didn't get the rest of it.  I did as much as I could with what I had.

Also, realize that there are much better ways to do most of the stuff we did.  We were mainly on a budget.

Here's a list of tools needed for this project:

-Bandsaw (for cutting metal and thick metal)

-Sawzall (for cutting metal the bandsaw can't get to.  One or the other is fine.)

-Grinder (for grinding unneeded metal off and grinding metal to weld on down)

-Welder and welding hammer (Any welder works.  I'm using a simple, wire-fed one)

-Sets of wrenches and sockets (for various tasks)

-Other small tools you might need, such as a hammer or clamps
Can you give me specifics on the motor please?
myroona3 years ago
From all this experience i like the most of all the idea to do this job together with our child. Working together on such project is a great think for them, whereas they have the possibility to learn go kart sale the core of the engineering.
Wolf Seril4 years ago
How long does a charge last, how fast does it go, and how do you charge the battery?

Cool build.
saxmaster765 (author)  Wolf Seril4 years ago
I have not done enough testing/anything with it because the axle is bent and the chain doesn't want to stay on anymore.

With one battery, it went at least 10 or 12 mph. The motor works best with two, so possibly double that. Also, with all that mechanical advantage crap, putting a larger gear on the motor and a smaller one on the wheel would probably make it dangerously fast.

As for how long it lasts, I don't know yet